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Clarify Your Calling And Create A Passive Income Business With Stefanie Gass

entrepreneurship Aug 09, 2021

The phrase “passive income” gets thrown around a lot today. Is it possible to create a business with passive income? Is it possible…without having to spend a ton of money? It is possible and today’s guest, Stefanie Gass, walks you through how to do it step by step! Stef’s programs help you identify your calling and purpose and create a business and a message with it to make an impact…and an income! Stef is an amazing business and podcast coach (I know from personal experience), and she’s a light in this world that I’m so happy to introduce you to on the podcast!

If you’ve thought about creating an online business to work from home, gain more flexibility in your schedule and call your own shots, this episode will light up your possibilities. Stef talks so candidly about her journey to get to a passive-income business that fuels her soul, and I know her story will inspire you on your own journey just like it did for me.

More About Stefanie Gass
Stefanie Gass is a Daughter of the King, wife, mama, coffee lover, and #pjsallday enthusiast! She is the host of a top 25 ranked podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs, The Stefanie Gass Show. Stef helps women uncover their God-led callings, create Kingdom Businesses, launch podcasts, & monetize using courses and coaching. Stef wants women to create true change for themselves and God's Kingdom by using their gifts for glory and serving the world with a business that lights them up! Stef believes that when we let God light our path, we will experience true miracles, live proactively, & design a life that fuels our soul.

Resources From Today's Show:

Stef’s Courses: 

Clarify Your Calling (identify what your calling is and use it to start a business)

Podcast Pro University (learn how to create your own podcast with your calling and monetize it)

Full Audio Transcription of this Podcast Episode:

Amber (00:00):

Welcome to the show today. Everyone, we have a really special guest today. If you've heard the phrase, passive income, getting thrown around a lot today, which haven't we all, today's episode is going to be really interesting for you. We're answering the question. Is it possible to create a business with passive income? Is it possible to do it without having to spend a ton of money? Is it possible? Well, today's guest Stefanie Gass walks us through. Yes, it is possible. And how to do it. Step-by-step Stef's programs help you identify your calling and your purpose and create a business and a message with it to make an impact and an income. Stef is an amazing business coach and podcast coach. I know from personal experience and she's just a light in this world that I am so happy to introduce you to on the show. If you thought about creating an online business to work from home, gain more flexibility in your schedule, and call your own shots. This episode will light up your possibilities. Stef talks so candidly about her journey to get to a passive income business that fuels her soul. And I know her story will inspire you on your journey. Just like it's done for me on my business journey as well. Please come and join Stefanie and I today in this great conversation about how to create not only an online business but a passive income business that truly fuels your soul. You're going to love it. You know, the drill, grab that laptop or pen it's time.

Amber (01:41):

Hey there friends. Are you one of the many women who started a business and quickly got overwhelmed by online marketing? You want your message and your marketing to be effective, but you don't want to spend all of your time on social media. Am I right? Well, then you're in the right place. Welcome to The School of Copy and Messaging, a podcast where we help you craft an effective message, create relevant content, and give you simple and effective marketing tools that don't require you to spend hours on social media. I'm your host, Amber Glus. I'm a certified story brand marketing guide who professionally has been in this business for 20 years. Personally, I'm a breast cancer survivor and a lover of all things. Coffee, who believes that Friends is still the best TV show ever. If you are ready to craft your message, promote it easily online. Let's get to work, grab a laptop or pen. It's copy time.

Amber (02:43):

Welcome back, friends. I am so dang honored to introduce you today to a woman who has become a friend of mine, a colleague of mine, a business coach, a mentor, and really a spiritual leader because I listened to her every week, multiple times a week. Just give me so much inspiration and so much knowledge about running a kingdom business. Um, Stefanie, first of all, thank you so much for coming on the show. It was truly a blessing to just get to talk to you and truth be told that you guys, I, I did, I had to put on some extra deodorant to do this interview because I was so nervous to interview my podcast coach on my podcast. I wouldn't have this podcast. If it wasn't for Stefanie and her courses, I wouldn't be building the business that I am today, if it wasn't for her business model.

Amber (03:35):

So I first, I'm going to read you her actual bio that she has. And then I'm going to tell you a little bit about her from a personal perspective before we get into the interview. So Stephanie gas is our guest today. She's the daughter of the king, a wife, a mama, a coffee lover, and a PJ's all-day enthusiast. She is the host of the top 25 ranked podcasts for Christian entrepreneurs called the Stefanie Gass show. Stef helps women uncover their God, led callings, create kingdom businesses, launch podcasts, and monetize using courses and coaching. Stef wants women to create true change for themselves and God's kingdom by using their gifts for glory and serving the world with a business that lights them up. Stef believes that when we let God lighter path, we will experience true miracles, live proactively, and design a life that fuels our soul.

Amber (04:31):

That's a really good description of Stefanie that's her official bio, but I want to tell you a little bit more personally about the Stefanie Gass that I know. I started working with Stefanie, um, gosh, it's been a little over a year ago and I had been listening to Stefanie's show for about a year before that, before I really decided to work with her. I found her show pretty early on and I enjoyed listening to her. And here's my thing that I got caught up on. I thought, okay, I think I want a podcast. And it sounds really interesting, but I wasn't really sure how you make money podcasting. And I also wasn't sure that I would even have anything to talk about. Like you guys, I like to talk as you've probably already noticed since you listened to this show, but I was concerned that I was going to run out of things to talk about.

Amber (05:22):

And then beyond that, I wasn't really sure. I knew what my thing was. Like I had some ideas, but I had a lot of ideas and some of those ideas weren't even related to the other ideas. And so I was, I was just stuck in analysis paralysis because I wasn't sure what direction to choose. And I am someone who's blessed to have a lot of people in my life who are coaches and mentors, but I just didn't really know anybody who knew this like podcasting thing. So Stefanie was my mentor before she had even met me. I was listening to her and just soaking in all of the advice that she gave. And I kind of was interested in trying this podcasting thing. So I decided to sign up for doing some individual coaching with her. And I signed up for just one session. And you guys, I will just tell you that in this one session, Stefanie helped me identify what my thing was.

Amber (06:19):

She helped me identify what the podcast would be like, the name of it, the tagline, the brand pillars of what I was going to talk about. And she helped me map out like the first 10 episodes, like in an hour. I mean, the girl has got a gift. So I love Stefanie dearly. I have a really, really high regard for her and what she does. Um, she truly found her niche, and the way that she uses it to help women build the business is just remarkable. It really is. And so I wanted to have her on the show. Now I'm going to tell you a little secret too. I have been avoiding doing this interview because as you guys know, I've been traveling in my RV. And so I don't always have the best internet connection. And I didn't want to do an interview with somebody of Stefanie's caliber and like have the internet go out in the middle of the night, right?

Amber (07:13):

Like that would be bad. So, um, my friend Marla shout out to Marla had the simplest solution for me that I had not even thought about because I had been so busy with our move and getting to new places. And Marla said, why don't you go check out the library? You know, see if the library has a room that you could use. Um, and that way you can have a quiet place, they probably have good internet. And so I don't know why I hadn't thought of this. I needed my friend Marla to put it right in front of me. And I was so glad she did. So I rented a room at the library. Um, and I recorded this episode over there and I am so happy to report that the internet was fine and we didn't have any technology glitches. I prayed over all the technology before we got started so that we would not have any glitches.

Amber (07:57):

Um, and it went really well. So I was really nervous for this interview because it's kind of hard to interview your mentor, who taught you how to do a podcast. Um, cause let's be honest the whole time. I was like, wondering if she thinks I'm doing it right. And if she thought I was, I was good at it. So, um, she must've thought I was pretty good at it because I also was on her podcast. Um, that episode will air on her podcast, the Stefanie Gass show in a couple of weeks, like around the middle of August. And she and I had a really great conversation with just tons of wonderful, wonderful advice for copywriting and how to do really good copy for your business. So be looking for that episode, go follow Stefanie's podcast so that you get notified when her episodes are new as well.

Amber (08:45):

And then you'll see that episode when it comes up in August. So the Stefanie Gass that I am introducing you to today is my business mentor. She is my podcast. She is a dear friend of mine and she doesn't really always know it, but I listened to her every week. I don't miss an episode. Um, I try to catch any Facebook live. She does. Um, I'm just a big Stefanie Gass groupie. So, um, give her some love. Would you go to her Instagram? It's @stefaniegass. She spells her name S T E F A N I E G A S S. If you search for her, you'll find her, give her some love on Instagram, and man, you guys, this episode was so good. Would you do us a favor and just screenshot it and share it to your Instagram stories and tag us both and let us know if you got some value out of this and what was your best part, I would love for you to send me a message and tell me, did you have any like aha moments? What was your best part of the episode? Uh, Stefanie and I would both love to know. So if you share that with us, we would sure appreciate it. So Stefanie, thank you so much for coming on the show today. I'm really excited to get to introduce you to my audience. I know they're going to love you.

Amber (09:57):

All right, Stefanie, thank you so much for being here today. Um, it's such a really cool thing to have this come full circle and get to interview my podcast coach and my business mentor on the show. So I'm really excited for my audience to meet you because I've talked about you a lot on the show and I've talked about your programs and how it's helped me build my business. Um, this podcast that everybody listens to every week wouldn't happen, had it not been for you and your programs and your coaching. So thank you so much for that. And I'm excited for my audience to get to learn more about you and what you do. So first tell people who you are and a little bit about the Stefanie Gass world.

Stefanie (10:38):

Yeah. Well, hello everybody. And thank you for all of that, Amber. You're so sweet and I'm just, I love working with you and seeing all of your growth and all of the cool things that you have built through, um, being coachable. You guys are something that is to be said for being super coachable, being open to also taking these leaps and bounds that are out of your comfort zone. Like Amber did all of those things and she was a great student. So that's why she's sitting here successfully, uh, talking to all of you guys on her show right now. So go Amber, first of all,

Amber (11:13):

Thank you.

Stefanie (11:14):

You're welcome. So hi everyone. I'm Stefanie Gass. Uh, what I do today is I help women get clarity on their calling because each and every one of you, and if there are any men listening, you too, you were created on purpose with a purpose, right? And the things you've walked through in your life, your spiritual gifts, your vocational gifts, all of those things create this perfectly created person that was not on accident. And you have this thing, one thing inside of you, that is your calling work. And I know that we just, John the floor of like, what is it? You know? And so that's what I do. And my gifting is helping people uncover what that is. Then I move you into using that calling to create a profitable online business. So what you're hearing Amber do, it's the Stefanie Gass business model. She creates, she got clarity. She started a podcast and then she has offers to monetize the podcast. Okay. And so that is exactly what I help people do and how we monetize is typically courses and coaching. And what else about me? I love Jesus. I'm always drinking a LaCroix, an ice coffee or a kombucha. And, um, I love to record for my PJ's. I totally have PJ pants on right now.

Amber (12:29):

I love that about you and your business model. And I've always wondered, is it LaCroix? That's so good to know. I've always said it wrong. Like

Stefanie (12:39):

I think I to say it like lacrosse, I mean, seriously,

Amber (12:44):

I've been saying it wrong for years, Stefanie. Oh my God.

Stefanie (12:48):

No. Oh my gosh. I have to Google this. I'm not

Amber (12:50):

Sure. I think you're right. I'm guessing that you're right. So I'm going to totally look it up when we're done. So one thing I want to do before we dive into your business model a little bit deeper is I first want my audience to just hear that you have three really clear steps for how to work with you. And I know you didn't start with that, but that's where you are today. And I want my audience to pay special attention to it because we talk a lot here about 1, 2, 3, how do you work with me? But that needs to be in the copy on your website. And so I talk about it all the time and it's nice for people to hear somebody else coming in, who has that clear path to work with. And you do such a good job of presenting that to people. I can clearly see how I'm going to work with you and how I'm going to get success after we're done. So let's dive into those three things. The first that you talked about was clarify your calling. Let's start with that step. And how exactly would somebody go about figuring out what their calling is?

Stefanie (13:45):

Yeah. So step one is you must know what you do. You know, if you can't answer me that question, like, what do you do? You don't have clarity. You can't build a business off of a fuzzy answer. Oh, I think I am a life coach. And I think that I also could help people with nutrition. It's totally fine. Or maybe I just help people with mindset. Like, no, that is not going to work. It needs to be a one-sentence clear-cut answer. I helped, you know, the faith-led woman get clarity on her calling so she can create a profitable online business. Boom. You know, Amber is, is I help entrepreneurs create, copy that converts, boom, we're done. Like we need to have this really clear, concise answer. If you don't have that, uh, clarity is an evolution. It is a process. And how would you begin to get clarity on your calling?

Stefanie (14:33):

Well, the first thing that I always recommend is you have to pray, you know, you have to have the invitation for God to give you those downloads and those clues of what were you created to do and be. And so I always start with, for all of my students, we start with praying that Lord help me to walk out my calling work. If you would help set me on the path that I am meant to be on and then bring me the coaches, bring me the clarity, bring me the answers, bring me the provision to search after those things. The second thing is finding a direction and I call it a common denominator. So I have a course clarify your calling. And this is step one of my business model. And in there you go through these pillars, you have to uncover your trials, your giftings, your experiences, what you're good at, what you're passionate about.

Stefanie (15:24):

And we do all of these exercises to pull out the commonalities in each different bucket to find the one thing. And what's so funny is like woman after one hundreds of women, hundreds and hundreds. And they're like, oh, oh, that's what it is. I'm like you said it girl, like you're the one that said it. It was right there all along. You just can't see past the weeds of all the things you're passionate about to find the common denominator. So once you go through that part of my program, the next step is to create the one-liner right? The I help statement the, what do you do statement, then you have a direction. So now once you have that one sentence, you know where you're going, you just don't know how to get there. Right? You're like, great. I help entrepreneurs create, copy that converts a staff. What does that mean? What do I do? How do I do it? You know?

Stefanie (16:17):

So then you hire a staff to coach and I'm just getting, then the next step is in clarify your calling as we take that one sentence and we pull from it, the solutions, okay. So Amber had to come up with, how do I help these people create, copy that converts. So Amber and I came up with her four pillars or solutions that the brand stands on. And so we have four different things. I don't know what they off the top of my head, but I'm going to assume. One is we have tactical copywriting. Two is we probably have entrepreneurship in general. Three is we have special guests who are going to just like this. Talk about things that support that new and growing entrepreneur. And then maybe there's a fifth bucket, right? So it's these buckets that support the brand. Then the final step of clarity and making sure that you are really hitting is having a content map.

Stefanie (17:04):

So from your four buckets, the final step in my course is pulling from that all the pain points and the problems that your person is having. So for using Amber, as our example here, I don't know what to write. I don't understand. Copy what goes on a website versus a sales page. Amber, I don't know how to speak in my person's language. Um, I'm getting writer's block. Uh, should I outsource copywriting or should I do it myself? Like there's all of these pain points that Amber can then write down in a content map to come up with dozens and dozens of episodes or content that solves the problem for free. So those are my four, that's my four-step process for getting people clarity before I move them into step two.

Amber (17:49):

Well, you just gave me some new ideas for some content. You are always so good at that. So I want to hone in on one thing that you said though because if I want to kingdom business and I feel like, okay, I think I know, right. I took Stef's course. I think I know what my calling is now. And I see a common denominator. What if I feel like that business isn't kingdom-worthy and I'm going to kind of use air quotes, right? Like, I don't know if this feels good enough or big enough like I arrange flowers. How does that help build the kingdom? Can you kind of speak a little bit to that woman out there? Cause I was her and I don't know if you remember, but I asked you this question during coaching and I'm like, yeah, but does this even matter stuff like me helping women write copy? Like, doesn't matter to the kingdom. Can you speak a little bit to that?

Stefanie (18:38):

Sure. That's a great question. And here's the thing each and every one of us have a calling that is unique uniquely and wonderfully made, right? Just like you are not, everyone was born to be a pastor. Not everyone was born to be a teacher. We all have something so cool and unique about us, but here's the beautiful part. All of us can use our businesses as a ministry. And I don't mean that you have to spit verses. I don't mean that you have to get on a pulpit. What I mean is you embodying the holy spirit and you being a beacon of light is transferring energy, right? It is making people say, what is different about her? Wow. And we are an extension of holy spirit, right? We are the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth. No matter what we are doing. And what happened for me was it was a slow evolution.

Stefanie (19:30):

I just started with business and that was fine. And then slowly, holy spirit started tugging me to like, and God, Stefanie am the Lord and the Lord Jesus, Stefanie. Now I'm like, then it's like thunder, like clinging outside the office. I'm like, okay. Okay. And I decided to bring partner, you know, business and the Bible. And I'm like, Hey, we're bringing our laptop and our Bible to this business meeting. And it was super cool, but it was an evolution of growing there. And so I think what I have to say to those of you who want to kingdom business is do what you've been called to do and let God, let God right. Let him lead what that might look like. And interestingly, you know, people would get in my DMS and they're like, I came to Christ because of you. And I'm like, what? I have a business podcast, but it's so cool because God will use you if you are available. Yeah,

Amber (20:21):

Absolutely. Well, you said in there that it was an evolution and sometimes we feel like if we may be found the thing that should happen overnight, right. And then we're like, uh, well maybe I was wrong. So how do you know, how do you know if you found the right thing,

Stefanie (20:39):

You just have to take messy action. So if we're going back to step one, before we move to step two, you're not going to know the outcome, right? You're going to be in step one, the clarity searching. And you're going to begin to step out in faith and try some things. Right. When I started, I started coaching women about building an online business, but all I had done was network marketing. So that's what I started with. And that's not where God wanted me, but that's where I started. And then over the course of gosh, six years, nine full-time years as an entrepreneur, but really six of kind of trying to figure out that piece. It was okay. Didn't like that. Cool. I launched a few courses. They totally failed. Cool. Back up on my feet, again, doing this, doing this until, you know, and along the way, like constantly asking God for his guidance and his direction.

Stefanie (21:31):

And when you ask it's, he's waiting for the ask, right? Ladies, like he's waiting for the ask. So I'm like, Lord, I'm so stuck. I don't know. And in 2018 I had a dream to start a podcast and I was like, cool. Like now I've heard the direction, I'll walk in it. And um, which brings us to steps to step two. So what I'm saying is you're not going to know it's exactly right, but you're going to know you're in the right playing field because it's going to feel right in your heart. And the other thing I pray often, this will help you is Lord. If this is not for me, please just slam the door in my face. Like I can handle it. Don't leave a crack, like slam the door and shove me through the right doors. And when I've prayed those prayers, the strangest things will like, oh, that wasn't for me. Or, oh, I'm not supposed to be in this room with these people. I thought this was a great opportunity. But God says, you asked, I'm showing you. So just keep going and trusting that that path will continue to cultivate over time. Yeah.

Amber (22:31):

Well, I really appreciate your perspective on it because I know that you've walked in it and you can tell when you talk about it, you know, how much passion that you have because you've, you've been there. So, um, so step two in your plan is my favorite, to be honest with you, because I know that you don't like to spend all your time on social media and social media, and neither do I. So this is my favorite. Stefanie, if we have a podcast, how in the world does that even help us build the business and how can you use it to build an organic audience?

Stefanie (23:02):

Sure. So here's what happened for me. I'm like I'm YouTube being, I wanted an online business. So that's the first question is like, do you want your business to be online? Okay, that's the first question somebody listening right now. That's like, I just want a brick-and-mortar flower shop great. Have a brick-and-mortar flower shop. Cool. You can like do some local advertising word of mouth. Great. But if you want a scalable business, that's going to reach people all across the US all across the world. You have to have an online long-form content vessel. There's only three options. One is YouTube to do videos. One is blogging to write blogs and the third is podcasting to use audio. So I did the first two. I did YouTube and blogging and it was slow as molasses. I was always getting interrupted by my kids in YouTube, but you cannot pause, which take an arm and a leg to edit.

Stefanie (23:55):

Then in blogging, I am awful with writing. Like, well, I say that I've gotten so much better in the beginning though. I'd be like, eh, just so awful. And what's funny about this is it took me so many years doing those two things. The same amount of time. It took podcasting three months to grow past what I had done in three years. So why I chose podcasting is one. I had the dream, but the second one was I have kids and I'm like, I need to be able to pause. I want to be able to not put on my makeup to do all these videos. I want to be able to wear my comfortable PJ pants. And like, I am so dumb with social media. I want to delete these apps. You know, I don't ever want to be on here again. I'm tired of the prison that I'm in, that I've made for myself that I'm addicted to.

Stefanie (24:43):

Why can't I, I'm looking at my phone more than my eyes on my children. Like, something is wrong with this picture. And I have to take my life back and I don't know how to grow a business without it. So those were like all these feelings that were coming up. And what I realized is social media doesn't work. You heard that right? Social media doesn't work because it's one-to-one right. It's me and Amber in a DM. It's Stefanie showing up on a, on a stories where, okay, great. Like 50 people see it for five minutes before the algorithm takes it down. Only if they click on you all the time, like then you spend 30 hours making a reel and you get a thousand views that go, where do they actually buy from you? Does it convert? No. So you're wasting all of this time on an app.

Stefanie (25:30):

That's proven to be addicting, proven to steal from your life, your joy, your family, your health, and your, your mindset, your sanity and time from God, because you think you need it to grow a business. Well, here's the best news you've heard all year. You don't. So what I discovered when I began podcasting is it was one to many I'd show up. I'd record a 20-minute episode, super chill. I do it simple and scrappy. Uh, I don't even edit half the time I record for my phone half the time. Sometimes my kids come in and I just click pause and I re resume recording. It's so chill you guys. And what happened was 500 people started listening and then a thousand people started listening and then 20,000 people started listening and then half a million people were listening. And I was like, excuse me.

Stefanie (26:16):

But I think this is scalable. Like I'm selling more than I've ever sold and making a bigger impact than I ever could have dreamed I would make. And I'm sitting behind a microphone in my PJ's drinking lukewarm coffee right now. Like this is the dream. So it, because it's one to many, you're free. Your time is freed up. Now those of you thinking put a podcast, wouldn't work for me. That is absolutely not true. I've helped over 450 people start a podcast. No matter the business model. I have people who make homemade soaps, homemade candles, and we've done this. I have people who teach other people, had to become homeschooling moms. I have life coaches. I have people, oh gosh, a teach freelancing. I have people who created a declutter, your home business. I have a video coach. I have a food and nutritionist, a dietician, every single I have a copywriter, right? Like every single thing you could ever think of, you can use this business model to scale. What questions that bring up Amber. Yeah.

Amber (27:17):

Well, first I have heard you talk about this so much because I'm always listening to you in the show. And I am always hearing Stephanie talk to me in the background, but I get so excited every time I hear you talk about it, even though I'm already doing it. So I'm so excited that my audience is finally getting to hear from you. But I know that one of the questions they probably have is okay, I'm convinced, like I don't want to spend all my time on social media. I'm going to call Stephanie and start this podcast thing that she keeps talking about, but how do I actually make money with it? Like, what does that look like? Cause I don't think a lot of people, myself included before I started coaching with you. I didn't really understand how the money came into that. And let's be honest. We all gotta pay our bills. Right. So how do we use this to actually make some money?

Stefanie (28:01):

Sure. So now we're going to migrate into step three. So let me use Amber as a visual. Okay guys. So we got the clarity. It was, I help entrepreneurs create, copy that converts. Then we move into step two. Amber started the podcast, right? Which you're listening to right now. What is this podcast do? Well, you're listening for free to us right now. So you're trusting Amber. You're learning from her. You're taking notes on all the cool copywriting stuff that she's giving you. And all of this is free. So you're like, I'm a subscribe all day. Like there's no skin off my back to learn from her. But you start to like her, you start to trust her. You start to know Amber. And then something happens. You go to create your copy. You sit down at your website. You're like, great. Here we go. This is my first home page.

Stefanie (28:46):

And you start to type and it's awful. Like I've learned everything from you, but like, I just can't seem to do it Amber. And some of you will be able to do it yourself. And some of you will need help. And that's why Amber has the course options. That's why Amber has the coaching. She has all the solutions for you. If you're stuck, that's exactly what we build for everyone. So step three is finding out how to monetize your podcast with your own products. And what I love to teach people to do is either coach, maybe when you're getting started, just so you get to know your person, but preferably our end goal is to have e-courses. So why e-courses well, girl, you make 99% profit margin. You solve their problem. They get to do it on their own. And you have free time to go spend with your kids, take vacations or you know, RV around the world, whatever you want to do, you have the time to do that because you're selling a course instead of well, option one, selling somebody else's stuff like getting a sponsorship and getting paid 10%.

Stefanie (29:54):

Well, that doesn't really make sense or trying to do a one-on-one offer 24 7. Well, you're going to run out of time and bandwidth to do that. Of course allows you to have time freedom and passive income. So those are the things I teach of how to monetize a podcast. And, oh my goodness. You know, I have students who are making seven figures now. Um, I have students who have $77,000 a month, $17,000 a month, $11,000 a month. And then I have students who are like, great, I'm making two K extra a month and this is crazy. It's paying my mortgage and everything in between. So I've proven that this business model works and it's really just getting out of your own way and playing the long game long enough to build it right. And to, to see it through because right when you launched the podcast, so you're not making money day one, we have to learn how to optimize the podcast.

Stefanie (30:45):

We have to learn how to title and get found and have visibility, which all of that I teach you in step three, which is podcast to profit my mastermind program. Once you've gone through step one and two, and then finally it's, what's the course going to be, you know, how do I solve my person's number one, problem, learning how to create it, which I give you that and then learning how to sell it, which I give you that because sales is also an art. So there's all these little pieces to the puzzle, but it works like a year and a half to two years. I've just seen, you know, flood gate after flood gate, after flood gate of peoples, they're like, oh my gosh, like, look at my business, look at my life. And it's because they stayed true to the business model and they trusted it.

Amber (31:27):

Well, I am certainly one of them and I could sing your praises because of that. Um, always because you and your business model is the reason, um, that my audience has heard me talk about the fact that I'm RV for the summer, you know, and I can record my podcasts from anywhere. And, um, you know, when people think about a passive business, I think it's almost become a buzzword today almost to where we're a little bit numb to it. And we start to feel like, you know, it's not really possible and it's not possible to do a business. I can work from home in between my, my napping kids or while they're at school, but still be able to pick them up or be able to do it from an RV, like whatever your thing is. And the fact that you have such an easy model to follow is a no brainer in my opinion, for somebody to do this.

Amber (32:16):

And I think you're right. It does work no matter what the business is. I would actually argue that the number one thing that people get afraid of is like, not what if it does work? What if it does work? And then I have to keep coming up with like content and that almost is sometimes scary. Would you also help people with, in your coaching? Um, you've, you've helped me with that as well. So I know I could talk to you forever, Stephanie and I want to be sensitive to your time. Um, but I feel like there's one more thing and I kind of want to merge a couple of questions together that I wanted to ask you about. Cause I think, um, this has been on my mind and it tells me that somebody out there needs to hear this. So what if you're somebody who you've tried all the things, and I know that that you've kind of done this.

Amber (33:01):

Cause you talked a little bit about how you pivoted your business from thing to thing before you really found the thing that fuels your soul, as you say, and I want to talk about what if the, the woman that's out there that's like, I can't do another thing because I'm going to feel like everything else I've tried is a waste of time. And my husband's probably gonna freak out if I tell him that I'm trying yet another thing. Right? So how do we do that without feeling like all of the other stuff isn't a total waste of time.

Stefanie (33:32):

Yeah. I think that everything you've ever done is preparing you, right? Everything you've ever tried is showing you that you do like it or you don't like it. Every other thing that you ever done is a lesson. Every failure is a lesson. So we can't say, oh, I wasted my time with this entrepreneurial thing or this not, you know, no, you gleaned from that, what you needed to learn. And sometimes what we needed to learn were hard lessons. You know, somebody this morning said something to me that I'll never forget. She said, you have to journey to the end of yourself before you find who God created you to be. And I was like, oh my gosh, my brain has just exploded like journey to the end of yourself. And so sometimes all this hard stuff that you think you keep failing at, it's part of what you're supposed to do.

Stefanie (34:23):

You know, I had a business failure in 2016 that wrecked me. Like my whole identity was caught up in a company and I was so lost in the idolatry of success and achievement and it crumbled around me. And it was the best breakdown that I could have never prayed for. You know, like God knew me more than I knew me. And he knew that in order for me to truly seek him and truly discover this beautiful life that he had prepared for me, I had to die to myself. My ego had to be put to rest. I had to be able to lay business at the feet of Jesus and achievement and success. And this lie that, you know, success equal love or achievement, equal love. I needed to be able to lay those down and then pick up the cross and say, I'm just going to, I'm just going to do whatever I'm called to do.

Stefanie (35:12):

Even though I don't think that it, I don't know what it is. And I don't know, is this just another thing I don't know, but I'll do it because you're calling me to it. And here's what I want to say to all of you is that you have the choice to keep doing one more thing. One more time, one more try, or you have the choice to stop doing one more thing and do the thing. That's, it's that simple. You make the decision with your heart, holy spirit, and some intentionality to pick the thing. And you go all-in with all you've got with good works for the kingdom. You open your mouth and he shall fill it. You show up with everything that you already are and you just tap into God-sized confidence. Cause I know that we don't have it, but he does.

Stefanie (36:00):

And you do it until, and you quit getting distracted by one more thing. That's when your life will change. When you're ready to stop chasing after what everyone else is doing, because that's someone else's dream. When you get clear on what you were created for, and then you walk that out in a way that works for your life. You don't have to run ads. You don't have to do reels. You don't have to show up on social media, 24/7. You don't have to do live casts seven days a week or real challenges, 24/7 in order to build a scalable online business. And it actually doesn't even matter what your business model is. There is an answer for you to do this one too many and it's not expensive and it's already there for you and hundreds and hundreds of women have already walked it out. You just have to trust that you can too.

Amber (36:51):

I love that. That was such a great way to answer that question. I just, I love speaking with you and I wish I could spend many more hours doing that and I know that you're busy. So, um, but I want my audience to know if they want to be a Stefanie Gass groupie like I, um, where do they go to learn more about your programs and follow all of the things that you do?

Stefanie (37:11):

 Thank you, Amber. And thank you guys for hanging out with us today. Come check out my podcast, The Stefanie Gass Show. And I spell that S T E F A N I E G A S S. And then my website is I have a free clarity workshop if you're like, I don't know what my thing is, but I need to know that would be step one. And if you're ready to jump into any of those courses with me, those steps, Amber has links below for you. Um, that we've set up special just for all of you. So be sure that you use ambers, uh, links below this video in the show notes. And you're going to be able to access all three of my steps, um, and get started. You know, there's, there's never the right time to invest in yourself, but I believe that it's always the intentional decision that has a priceless ROI.

Stefanie (38:02):

Okay. So when you invest in yourself, the ROI of what comes later is actually limitless. And there's never been a day where I didn't invest something in myself that I didn't see come full circle later in the future. And sometimes chasing after answers by ourselves on Google searches, asking friends who don't really understand this business world or asking people who haven't walked this out before you is actually, what's keeping you more confused than ever before. And sometimes we just have to go straight to the source of somebody who's already done this, who knows how to build the exact business model that I need, and they know how to get this, these words out of my heart and onto paper in such a way that I can take action on it without confusion as quickly as possible. And I truly believe in my courses that much I have because I've seen them work for myself and for hundreds of women. So if that's on your heart, check out the links below, come to browse around, and if not, listen to the podcast hours of free content over there.

Amber (39:04):

Awesome. Well, Stefanie, I really, really appreciate what you do for people. Um, you have a gift and I'm so grateful that you share it with people like me and all of my listeners. Um, I have taken all of your courses and I can attest to the fact that they do work. I've had the privilege of working with you personally as well. Um, but I actually went back and took, clarify your calling. I don't know if you know this after I had already worked with you because I felt like I needed a little bit of a refresh. Like I had a lot of transitions in my life. The audience knows about my move and I just was like, you know what, I want to kind of rethink this. And I went through the course and it was like, exactly, like working with you when it was like, here's what you do.

Amber (39:46):

Here's where your experiences, here's where your history has been. And it just confirmed for me that this is my thing, it's copywriting and messaging. And it was so nice to kind of, but it was also really cool to kind of see how you set up the class, um, and see that it, it works even though I wasn't kind of in a one-on-one situation. Cause I think sometimes people think like, can that really help me find my thing? You know what I mean? And it was very confirming for me cause I was kind of in a place where I was thinking about like, well maybe I should rebrand and maybe I should do this. And I literally heard you like talking about don't get distracted. And so I went back and took that and it was so confirming. So, um, I'm just so grateful for you, Stefanie, and I'm so glad that you came on to spend some time today with my audience. So thanks for being here. I appreciate it. Oh, thanks Amber.

Amber (40:40):

Oh man. There was just so much gold and so much inspiration in that episode. Thanks again, Stefanie, for coming on the podcast and blessing my audience with everything that you do, friends, Stefanie truly is an inspiration. And I sure hope that you're going to check out her programs. I of course know from experience that her programs work, um, I have not only done personal coaching was definitely, I have done her clarify your calling course. And I also have done her podcast pro university course, which is where I learned how to do this podcast. And so I highly recommend that you do her programs. I'm going to put the links for you in the show notes. You can also find them on my link tree, which is Or you can click on them right out of the show notes and go out her programs. Thank you guys so much for listening to the show today until next week. Go share your unique message with the world.

Amber (41:43):

Thanks for listening today, friends, and spending a piece of your day with me to get more information on my copywriting and content marketing and messaging services. Go to You can also learn more on Instagram with me @AmberGlus. Until next time go share your unique message with the world.


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