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Effective Tools To Make Running Your Business Easier

I love a good resource or a tool that saves me time and makes life, and business, a little easier. In today’s show, I share my top tools I use and love that organize my business. We cover organizing a to-do-list, setting up a budget, making sense out of an overwhelmed inbox and getting contracts in order for your business… and more! These tools will help keep you organized and keep your business running smoothly.

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Full Audio Transcription of this Podcast Episode:

Amber (00:00):

Hey there friends. Thanks for being here on the show with me today. I don't know about you, but I love it. When I find a really good resource that helps my business or my life run a little smoother. Well, that's what we're going to have a conversation about today. I'm going to talk to you today about some of my favorite things that run my life and my business. Just a little bit smoother, make things a little bit easier that I just adore. And I thought I would share them with you because if you don't know about these things yet, maybe they'll make your life or business run a little bit smoother too. Thanks for being here today. Friends let's dive in.

Amber (00:41):

Hey there friends. Are you one of the many women who started a business and quickly got overwhelmed by online marketing? You want your message and your marketing to be effective, but you don't want to spend all of your time on social media. Am I right? Well then you're in the right place. Welcome to the school of copy and messaging a podcast where we help you craft an effective message, create relevant content and give you simple and effective marketing tools that don't require you to spend hours on social media. I'm your host, Amber Glus. I'm a certified story brand marketing guide who professionally has been in this business for 20 years. Personally. I'm a breast cancer survivor and a lover of all things. Coffee, who believes that Friends is still the best TV show ever. If you are ready to craft your message, promote it easily online. Let's get to work, grab a laptop or pen it's copy time.

Amber (01:38):

All right, friends. Thanks for being here today. Before we start talking about some of my favorite resources that make life and business, just run a little bit smoother. I first want to give a really big shout out. Uh, you guys, if I could put like neon lights and flashing things and sirens on this shout out, I would, I don't know how to do that in an audio podcast episode. So if you can please just picture in your mind visually, I am like throwing up fireworks, um, neon lights, confetti, things like that. Uh, so today shout out goes to Wittandcompany.com. That is a wittandcompany.com Kelly Witt. This is, uh, your shout out Kelly shared the podcast. Uh, not just in a small way. You guys, Kelly used the podcast as a reference in her newsletter that she sent out to her entire email list.

Amber (02:33):

Um, Kelly, this means the world to me, thank you so much for believing enough in this show that you referenced it and that you shared it with your audience. I'm so, so happy to hear that you found the show valuable, and it just means the world to me that you took the time to put it in your newsletter and share it with your own audience. So she has a newsletter, the branded chat newsletter for her business, and she referenced the show in that newsletter. So thank you so much for sharing the show. Kelly just want to give you just a super special shout out. Like I said, if I knew how to do like fireworks or something on the podcast, I would be doing that right now. It means a lot to me that you shared it in your newsletter. So thank you so much.

Amber (03:14):

Um, so you guys, please go check out Wittandcompany.com, give Kelly some love back. Uh, Kelly, I love your website. I understand that you are a fellow StoryBrand fan, uh, and I can see StoryBrand coming through on your website. So that's really cool. Um, for those of you who want to go check her out, uh, Kelly Witt again, wittandcompany.com that's w I T T wittandcompany.com. Um, Kelly does brand strategy and design on her website. She's a really clear first headliner, which I love consistent and cohesive brand building for purpose driven service providers and small business owners, again, consistent and cohesive brand building for purpose driven service providers and small business owners. So please go give Kelly some love you guys again, wit and company.com. Um, go check her out, see if there's some services that she has that would be beneficial to you and your business.

Amber (04:12):

She does brand strategy and design. Um, I think you are really going to appreciate what she does. It looks like she also has a program. Uh, I love the name of this Kelly message mentorship program. That sounds really, really cool. Um, she does strategic brand and website design, go check her out, see if there's something that you can do to support her business. So again, thank you so much, Kelly, for sharing the show, Kelly women of wit and company.com. As you guys know, I don't want to just read reviews on the show. Um, I appreciate when you leave reviews, but when you do, I want to give some love back to you. I don't want this show to just be about me and reading the reviews. I want this show to be about you guys and the value that this brings to you. That's why I show up every week here with content that I hope helps you build your own business.

Amber (04:59):

And if you find me useful and you like the stuff that I'm talking about, and you think that my skills are valuable, I would love to help you out. I do done for you services. You can go to Amber glass.com to look at the services that I provide, and I would love to work with you. I'd love to help you with your copywriting to make sure your copy converts. I would love to help you build your brand message so that it tells a really good story that compels your customers to do business with you. But if you want to do this stuff on your own, I hope that the podcast is powerful enough to give you all of the tools that you need to do on your own. Because I just believe that if I help you build your business, then my purpose here is doing what it's supposed to be doing.

Amber (05:42):

And if you find a need to work with me and I can help you, then I would love to do that. But I want the show to be valuable enough to where you can build your business and use these things that I know, and I can pass them on to you so that it can benefit you. And one of the things that I like do on this show to make it more about you and the value I can bring is to give you a shout out and help you build your businesses, because let me tell you what I'm just going to get on a soapbox here. Okay. Just like full disclosure. Apparently this is a soapbox moment that I did not have in my notes. So we're just going to go with it. Um, you guys, I have been so blessed in my career to have some really great opportunities come my way.

Amber (06:23):

And usually all of those opportunities, if I look back, um, I, you know, you guys know I'm a believer in Christ. I'm a Christian. Uh, and I, so I believe that God put some very strategic people in my life at the right time. And I don't take that for granted. I know that all of the opportunities that I have had in my career when I was in politics, when I was in corporate America, being a freelancer, I believe that all of those opportunities were a gift from God. And those people who were put in my path were a gift from God. And they were there for a reason. And one of the reasons that I'm here on this earth and here doing this podcast is to be the light. And that only means in my podcast, that not only means being the light to you guys for giving you my knowledge in marketing and messaging and branding, but also here on this earth, it is my honor.

Amber (07:15):

And my delight that I can shine the light on the Lord and tell you guys about what he has done in my life and in my business. Well, one of those very important things that he has done is, is I look back in my career. I had some amazing people who were put in my path and I never, ever, ever want to forget how much they helped me because I believe they were a true blessing. And I still, to this day, I'm friends with many of those people who continue to be mentors to me. And this is my way of giving back and being grateful and shining that light. And so I don't want to just sit on the show and read reviews. Um, I I'm grateful for when you leave reviews, but what I really want to do is the safe, thank you for leaving that review.

Amber (07:59):

And thank you for sharing the show by giving you a shout out in shining the light back on you, because this is, this is about you guys, not me. I want this to be your show. So that's why I do this. I don't want to just read reviews. Um, I love it when people leave them, but what makes me sad is when I don't know who the people are that leave them, but I don't know what your business is. So if you leave a review for the show, would you please screenshot it and send it to me on Instagram stories? Or, um, just send me a message on Instagram and say, Hey, left your review. Um, here's what I do. Here's my website. Here's what I do in business. And I would love to give you a shout out at you guys, even if you're in the same industry as me, please don't think that you can't do that just because you're in the same industry.

Amber (08:42):

If you were a fellow copywriter or marketing professional, um, today Kelly Witt, Kelly is in brand strategy and design. It looks like she does the messaging work. I am totally cool with that. I would love to give you a shout out on the air because I love that networking too, because I might have a client that just isn't a good fit for me. Um, it looks like I'm just going to keep using new Kelly as an example. Cause it looks like you do design work. That is wonderful from looking at your portfolio. I do not do design work. You guys you've probably heard me say, uh, I don't know how to draw a stick figure. That looks correct. Okay. So design is not my strong suit. So I love knowing other people in this industry who have those talents that I can refer to and who hopefully will consider me to refer to me.

Amber (09:27):

If there's something they think that I can do to help them. So I don't even care if you're in the same industry, I would love for you to have a shout out on the show. So my goodness, this has been a little bit of a soapbox. I'm sorry. This was not even in my notes. So if you would please go leave a review for the show on wherever you listen to podcasts. I would sure appreciate it. And then if you will send me an Instagram message and just let me know who you are, what your business is. Tell me your website. I would love to give you a shout out on the show and if I can do something to help you build your business, then that would mean the world to me. So all of that to be, to say, oh, and for those of you who aren't on Instagram, you can leave me a message on my website, go to Amber glass.com.

Amber (10:09):

If you want to leave me a message on my website, you can do that on the contact page. So if you're not on Instagram and you're like, I don't know how to, I don't know how to leave you a message on Instagram. That's okay. Go to my website and you can leave it there. But if you either share the show on your Instagram stories or you leave me a review on iTunes, either one, just tell me who you are, tell me what your business is and what your website is. And I'll give you a shout out because I love helping other entrepreneurs. Oh my goodness. That was a bit of a rant. I'm sorry. I get a little bit passionate when it comes to wanting to help other entrepreneurs and see other people succeed. And I hope you guys hear my heart for that. It's just something that's very near and dear to my heart because, um, I really value all of the people in my life who gave me an opportunity to share what I do and who gave me an opportunity to grow my skills and to gain a platform that would grow a business.

Amber (11:01):

So I just really have a heart for helping other people do the same. I hope you guys can hear that. Uh, and I'm sorry if you know, y'all were listening to this episode today to learn about business resources and you've got a whole earful about why I want to help support other entrepreneurs, any who, um, let's get into the actual episode that I had planned today. That's pretty funny. I went on a bit of a rabbit hole there. You guys, there is something that I love about online business, um, because it just makes life easier. And that is all of the tools that we have at our disposal. So that's why I wanted to do this episode today. I love it when I find a new tool or a new resource that helps me in my business, that saves time, saves money, makes things more efficient.

Amber (11:44):

I am a type a person. So making things more efficient or organized is like kind of my jam. Um, I am going to share with you some of my favorite tools you may already be using these. You may already know about them. Um, maybe there's one or two in here that you don't know about. That's, that's what I'm hoping is to give you guys some new tools that you might find helpful for your business. Some of these have to do with copywriting. Not all of them do. Some of them are just, you know, hallelujah, this saves me some time. So let's get into this. The first one that you guys have heard me talk about a lot, and that is Kajabi. Kajabi is the all-in-one platform that runs your website. It hosts your courses. It can run your online membership. It can be your checkout cart at it, host your blog.

Amber (12:25):

It now also hosts audio and video. So for my pot, fellow podcasters and YouTube owners, it also hosts that, and it is a CRM system to keep all of your contacts organized. And it is an email marketing platform. Whew. It does a whole lot. You guys, if you haven't checked out Kajabi, I am an affiliate for them. So full disclosure there, you can try it for free for 14 days by using the link in the show notes. Now, Kajabi is my favorite thing because when I started my business here, let me just tell you, let me just give you the picture. You guys. When I started my business, I was kind of walking chaos truth, be told I am still a little bit today, but that's okay. Um, I was like, okay, I gotta find an email marketing system. I gotta find a CRM system.

Amber (13:10):

I gotta get my website up. And I started with using all of these different platforms that I had heard other influencers referred to. And that was fine because I kind of felt like, you know, I mean, I don't know if Amy Porterfield uses convert kids probably good. Right? Like that's kind of how I went into this business thing because I didn't know. I didn't know what platforms were gonna be good for me. And so I used the referrals of other people and listen to my words here. When I tell you that, I think you should try everything before you really know what works for you. I'm just going to give you some of my own advice, but you should try it and see if it works for you. Cause that's the only way to know. So that's what I did. I tried everything. Everybody recommended I was on.

Amber (13:53):

I tried Wix. I tried, um, I can't remember Weebly was the other website thing I tried. And then I ended up at Squarespace and had somebody build an entire website for me on Squarespace. But then I was trying to use MailChimp with Squarespace. And then I was trying to use this thing called the zap. I think Zapier's whatever to connect the two so that somebody could sign up on my website and land in my email list and then it wasn't working. And so then I tried convert kit and same thing. I had to figure out how to use the zap thingy. You guys, technology is not like my strong suit, but I usually am pretty decent at it. Like I can usually figure it out. I was struggling. I was struggling big time. I did not have time to learn all of these platforms. So, uh, I heard an influencer shout out to Angie Lee.

Amber (14:43):

Um, she I'm sure she does not listen to this show, but if she did just in case, shout out to Angie Lee, um, I listened to her podcast and heard her talking about Kajabi being kind of an all-in-one solution. So I checked it out and I fell in love with Kajabi. Kajabi is all of those platforms in one. So I have one login. I have one monthly fee that is cheaper by the end of the day than all of those other platforms put together. Um, and I am, as you guys know, I'm building courses and now it can host my courses as well. So I love having all of that in one platform. Now, if you guys want to check Kajabi out, you can do so for free for 14 days using my affiliate link, I am an affiliate, which means I get a small commission.

Amber (15:26):

If you sign up with my link, okay. Uh, love Kajabi. That's our first resource we're talking about today. Kajabi can run all of that stuff for you. Website courses, online membership. It can be your cart system, your blog, your podcast or YouTube channel can, can get loaded into there. And it's your CRM and email system. It is an all-in-one solution that is really cool for online business owners. So that is the first resource Kajabi. Second Grammarly, if y'all are not using Grammarly, it is amazing. Grammarly is they have a great free program. I am also an affiliate of Grammarly, so full disclosure, but they have a free version. That is amazing. So if you're not using Grammarly, please go check it out. The link for all of these, you guys will be in the show notes. Um, Grammarly is great. Grammarly will go on your phone, on your computer.

Amber (16:16):

It's an app. And it is like the little angel that sits on your shoulder and corrects all of your grammar and spelling errors. Okay? So even those of us who are copywriters make errors all the time. Right. Um, and it's so funny because Grammarly oftentimes will catch me and I'm like, dang it. How did I not see that the first time? And so I love Grammarly. It not only catches, um, sometimes you know, you're typing fast and you forget to put a comma where it's supposed to go, uh, or you spell a word wrong. Now here's the really cool thing you guys about Grammarly. So, you know, when you're in Microsoft word and you're typing and you get to this point where like, it catches a word or I'm sorry, it doesn't catch a word because you typed a word, but you used the wrong word, right?

Amber (17:02):

Like the word, right. R I G H T vs. W R I T E. So word doesn't necessarily know the context you're using it in. And so it doesn't always like catch the, the mistake that you made. Well, Grammarly is so much better about this. It doesn't catch all of them. So you do still have to like go back and review your work, but it catches a lot more of them, even in the context of having the, the wrong word in the right place. Does that make sense? I don't know if that's making sense, but if you use the word right, R I G H T instead of w R I T E Grammarly is much more likely to catch it where Microsoft word probably would not. So you can download Grammarly as an app on your phone. You can download it on your desktop.

Amber (17:47):

You can download it in, uh, Google documents so that it will kind of stand on your shoulder. Like I said, that little angel who just watches over everything that you type in, helps you catch all of your grammatical as well as spelling errors. So it is super cool. I use Grammarly all the time. And just because I'm talking about this, you guys, for those of you who are listening, because you're learning copywriting, we all make mistakes. So please don't feel bad about it. I want to give another shout out today, uh, on the show. Um, this is, so this is so great. So I sent, um, an Instagram. I can't remember if it was this story or no, I think it was a post that I sent out the other day. And one of my followers was so sweet. I want to give her a shout out.

Amber (18:32):

Uh, Carrie Barkus, Carrie sent me a message very kindly and said, Hey, you have a spelling error in the post that you just did. And I did exactly what I just told you guys. I, I don't even remember exactly what I wrote in the post, but I said, um, at the end they said, write down, oh, I know it was, I was talking about my husband and how my husband is kind of like my ride or die person. And I said, in the comments, I said, please write down the name of the people who, you know, help keep you accountable and who are kind of like your, your buddies, your accountability buddies, or your ride or die type people. And I was typing fast. I was trying to get my post up and I even copywriter here raising my hand makes mistakes all the time.

Amber (19:14):

And so I wrote the word, right? R I G H T write down your people in the comments instead of w Wright, w R I T E and Carrie was so kind to just send me a message and say, Hey, I got your back. I found this, you know, that needs to be corrected. And so Gary, thank you so much for having my back and for sending me that message, uh, thanks to her. I caught it pretty quickly. So you guys, we all do it, right. We all do it now. I did not have Grammarly installed on my phone. I do now. So it's so funny because, um, it's just one of those resources that, you know, it can be so helpful in our everyday business in life. So download Grammarly, it will save you in many of those cases. Um, and shout out again, Carrie, thank you so much for sending me that and for having my back even copywriters make mistakes, right?

Amber (20:03):

So, um, the next resource I want to talk about is topic. If you guys haven't checked out topic yet, it's been a while since I talked about topic, um, and topic is something that is like an up and coming resource. In my opinion, topic is a software where you can pay a membership and it will help you create more relevant content. It helps you create content. That's going to be more S E O a bowl, which is search engine optimization, search E O bubble. I don't know if that's actually a word, um, but it will help your content be more SEO about which means it will help our friend Google to find your content easier. Topic also helps you with creating content because it helps give you like sub content. If you put in a topic, let's say you put in, um, grammar, it will give you subtopics of things that you should talk about that would be relevant so that you rank higher in SEO.

Amber (20:59):

And so it can help you build content and it can give you really great ideas about what subtopics you should include and write about. And that also grades your rating and gives you suggestions for titles and headlines. It is a really great resource if you're writing your own copy, or if you're a copywriter, who's doing this for other people, topic is a really, really cool tool to have, and it makes writing so much easier. So I'm going to put the link to that in their show notes. Again, you guys, all of these are affiliate links, full disclosure. Um, but these are resources I use all the time in my business that will help you so much with making things more efficient. So as you're spending time creating top content topic will help you create that content faster and give you more ideas about things that you could include that you may not be thinking about.

Amber (21:46):

And so, uh, I did an episode on this and that was a while ago. Um, I'll look it up here while I'm visiting with you guys and give you, uh, let's see, I will give you the number of that episode. I just have to look it up cause I didn't have it written down, but I'll give you the, the number of that episode, where I actually went into detail with, uh, Nick, who is the creator of topic. And we talked about how topic can actually help you create more relevant topic, more relevant topics and content in that episode. So it's a really great resource. I think you guys will find when you're somebody who is like, oh, I don't know what else I can create. That's going to be useful in my content. If you ever find yourself in that frame of mind, topic can be a resource for you that can help a lot.

Amber (22:32):

So I will link to that in the show notes. Um, and I'm going to look up here while I talk about the next one. So I can see, uh, what episode, oh, here it is. It's episode 52. So go back to episode 52. It was how to create better content with Nick, from topic. Um, so go check that out. That's a really great resource for you guys and topic will be linked in the show notes as well. All right. The next resource we're going to talk about is the contract vault. Um, as entrepreneurs, we have to deal with legal mumbo jumbo all of the time, right? We have to have contracts for our clients. We have to have things that in our business, you got to deal with the legal stuff, right? Like, I don't know about you guys, but I'm not a legal person.

Amber (23:14):

I don't write contracts. So the contract vault, um, this is a really cool resource, Andrea Sager, um, shout out to Andrea. Um, I am in her membership and she has a really great program for female entrepreneurs. Well, actually I don't think it's just female entrepreneurs. I think it's just online entrepreneurs where you can pay a fee to be a member and you can have access to her contract vault, where you have contracts written by an attorney that you can download catered you and your business and use yourself. She also has programs where you can have them reviewed by her, but I mostly want to focus today on the contract faults because this is a really great resource. It's incredibly affordable. And this gives you the ability to download the contracts that you need in your business. Now for my freelancers out there, this is really important because we need contracts for our clients, for my podcasters.

Amber (24:09):

You guys need, um, contracts for people being on your show. Like there's everything in there. So if you're running an online business, the contract vault is a must. It's got everything you need to make sure you're minimizing as much as possible. All of your legal mumbo jumbo. I'm sure that's a word. So I'm going to link to that in the show notes to the contract vault with Andrea Sager, a really, really good resource for entrepreneurs to be able to have legal stuff that you need in your business without breaking the bank. Um, I'm actually gonna ask Andrea to come on the show as well. I think she would be somebody really great to talk to. Uh, so I'm going to work on that and see if we can get her on the podcast. Okay. The next resource, I want to tell you guys about, uh, if you are not using Evernote, I love Evernote.

Amber (24:58):

Evernote is the coolest darn thing. Um, you guys, if you've ever found yourself at the end of the day, looking at your inbox for your email and you're like, oh my gosh, I have to like save all of this stuff because it's all important. But it drives me nuts that my inbox is full. Is that if that's you, you guys, I'd like to get to inbox zero at the end of every day. And the only way that I do that is with Evernote because so many things that come into our email, like we, we need, right? Like we need to keep it. We need to go back and reference it. And Evernote, what I do is I set up files in Evernote. If you guys don't know what Evernote is, um, it's like a software it's like an electronic filing cabinet for your notes. That's, that's the best way I think to describe it.

Amber (25:44):

If you don't know what it is, you can literally clip, I think is what they call it. You can clip out an email and file it away into a file so that you can go back and reference the email. You can also clip out articles online. Um, you can, you can clip out tons of stuff. You guys think about mixing like a file electronic filing cabinet system mixed with sticky notes, mixed with Pinterest. That's what Evernote is. If you mess, if you merged all of those things together, that's what I pictured like as describing Evernote. I hope that's helpful. So Evernote keeps me organized. Um, I have so many things stored in Evernote. I clip out emails that I need to save or reference, and I file them all away into certain categories, articles that I find online. I file away. Um, you guys, if you're ever finding yourself like saving something, cause you're like, I don't want to lose this.

Amber (26:37):

I'm going to come back and reference it at some point, but you just don't have time right now. Those are like all of the things go into Evernote for me. And it keeps me so organized. It's such a great resource. And then you can search all of the notes that you have in there. So if you're like, I need to find this one thing that I remember I saw three years ago and it had something to do with, you know, elephants. You can literally go into Evernote and search elephants and it will pull up any note that had the word like elephant in it. It's super cool. Um, so I love that. The other thing I love Evernote for. So you guys know, um, my husband and I are traveling, so we're living in our camper and we're traveling around the U S and let me just tell you what, that you don't have a lot of room to bring paper files with you when you travel in a camper.

Amber (27:23):

Okay. So I had to like get everything electronic. I mean, I was doing decent before we started in the camper. I was doing decent at having things electronic, but I still was kind of a paper person, like I had paper files. And so when we, when we made this transition to travel, I really had to go paper-free. And so Evernote is one of those things that really helped me do that because I can put the notes that I would typically put on a sticky note or that I would write down throughout the day to notepad. Now I can stick those into Evernote. And so I've got them on my phone, I've got them on my computer. I can access them online. And so those go with me everywhere. The other thing I really like it for you guys is if you are a course junkie, like I am, or a book reader, I put all of my notes from courses into Evernote and from books that I read.

Amber (28:15):

And so I will organize them into like, the note will have the title of the book or the course. And then I will have notes in there about certain things that I'm learning. And then I will even organize Evernote almost like D. So I wonder if I have any like OGs in here who like went to college with, you know, a binder in the, in the binder, like divider thingies and the paper and actual pen that we had to write on. So if you guy, for those of you listening, who were like, oh gee, and you're like, yes, I remember that. So, um, that I basically take that what I did with that in college. And, but now I do it in Evernote. And so you can actually set up like notebooks and Evernote and then have the, each note can be a certain thing that would be almost like your dividers back when we, when, you know, when we had those, I mean, they still have them, but, you know, back when that was, were like the only things that we had.

Amber (29:08):

So Evernote's really cool because it's kind of like this electronic filing cabinet and it has almost like sticky note feature, but then it also can be like organization for things that you typically would have put like in a notebook. And so I hope I'm doing a good job of describing this. I don't know, but it's super cool. Go check it out. Evernote's like one of my favorite things, it keeps my email clean. It keeps all of my notes organized. Um, and now I put all of my course notes or anything that I'm reading. I put notes in there. And so you can stack notebooks so you can have like a notebook, but then you can have notebooks within notebooks, you know, which is which I really love. Okay. Um, I hope I didn't just totally confuse everybody about what Evernote is. So if you get anything from that, Evernote is just really cool and you should totally go use it.

Amber (29:54):

Okay. The next thing I want to talk about is Trello. You guys, I'm sure everybody's like, I don't know, nodding your head if you're not using Trello, I just don't even know. I start even know how you run a business or a life, basically right now, without Trello. I didn't use Trello until about a year ago. And now that I use it, you will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands. Okay. Because I'm never giving up my Trello. And if Trello ever goes away, I don't know I'm gonna have to buy the company or something to make sure they don't because I really love Trello. Uh, so I started putting my to-do list in Trello like a year ago, and now I put everything in there. It is my project management system. I have to do list in there. Um, Ashley shout out to Ashley, my online business manager.

Amber (30:41):

She, she keeps me organized with the podcast in Trello. Um, so you can share it with people on your team. Trello is Trello is the bomb. You guys, Trello is just the bomb. I'm not even affiliate for them. Uh, but I love Trello. I organize everything in Trello, all of my projects, my to-do list, my content is mapped out in Trello. Um, and you can literally use it for free. The free version of Trello is amazing, so you can use it for free. And then if you want the fancy dancy stuff, you can also upgrade to get more fancy. But the, the free version of Trello is amazing. I have all everything, literally, everything is in Trello that I do. So I use it to organize my life, all of my projects, my to do list everything. Um, and you guys say love that, like it has these little cards, like you make a list and then the cards go in the list.

Amber (31:32):

And I love moving the cards from one thing to the next cause it's so easy. And then within each card you could make a checklist within that card. And so it's like, there are so many cool things you can do at Trello. Um, now I do have, so you guys have heard me talk about my courses. Um, I am working on my courses. I think, you know, you guys have heard me say because my husband and I are traveling, I am just trying to take it all in. Like I'm enjoying this trip and, uh, I am working on my courses, but they're taking a little bit of time, but I will tell you that in my courses, I actually have a whole tutorial that I'm doing on how to organize your projects and your to-do list in Trello. And, um, we're going to be talking about some of that as well as like, how do you manage your day and your business and your podcast in Trello.

Amber (32:20):

Um, and that's going to be in my courses for those of you who do it yourself. And for those of you who are freelancers, who are doing that for other entrepreneurs, um, there's a quick, just little thing in there about Trello and how you can use it to make your life better. So if you are not on my email list for my courses, send me an email. [email protected] and just say, waitlist, just that you want to be on the waitlist for the courses because they do have some really cool courses coming up. Okay. Last, but certainly not least. We're going to talk about YNAB, if you have not heard of why NAB it stands for you need a budget, you need a budget. Why now this platform is amazing. Uh, if you didn't listen to the episode that I did, um, on managing your money as a freelancer, go listen to that episode.

Amber (33:09):

I talk a little bit about YNAB in that episode, but YNAB is my favorite budgeting software. And I love it because it is so flexible and you can save money and earmark money within certain accounts in wine nap. And so if you guys are familiar with the Dave Ramsey program, Dave Ramsey's program helps you with first getting out of debt and then second saving for expenses and having an emergency fund and saving for, you know, your taxes. Like you can have one account in YNab, let's say you have a savings account in ynab. And within that savings account, you have, you know, $5,000 is for taxes. And let's say $2,000 is savings for a new computer that, you know, you're going to have to buy. And then you have an emergency fund and that's $8,000. So you can have all of it in one account, but within yNAB, you can kind of earmark that money.

Amber (34:08):

So you kind of know like, okay, I have this much in my account, but I can't necessarily spend it because I see that it's earmarked for these things. And then you can save money for next month's expenses set up into a budget. So you're not just like putting money, like, like you're not nuts putting $5,000 towards next month. You can actually put $5,000 and earmark it for, you know, the rent on your building or the cost of your website or the cost of your podcast, hosting platform, uh, like paying your assistant, like whatever you have in your business, you can actually set that budget out and, and work ahead many, many months and ahead, and actually earmark the funds for each thing each month, which I love. Um, and so I hope this makes sense and YNAB is going to be part of my training in my course, how I use it to manage my money as a freelancer, it's going to be in the course.

Amber (34:58):

Um, but they have you guys, they have free, free resources that you can go view on YouTube about how to use their platform. And they do a really good job on how like teaching you how to use their platform. So go check that out. Why now that's one of my favorite things, uh, helps me stay on a budget. And if you guys are freelancing, you know, that sometimes your income ebbs and flows. And so staying on a budget as a freelancer can be a little bit tricky and YNAB is really cool because that helps me with setting up my finances in a way that I know I've got the next couple of months covered. I know I've got an emergency fund and I can see all that in one place that's really to manage. So I love YNAB go check that out as well.

Amber (35:41):

So those are the resources that help me run my life and my business and make things a little bit easier. Let's recap quickly. Let's see. Uh, I don't even know how many there were, I don't know. We'll just recap. The first one was Kajabi, Grammarly, Topic, the contract vault, Evernote, YNAB, and Trello. Those are the ones that we went over today. Let's see how many is that? 1, 2, 3, 4, uh, 5, 6, 7, 7 resources that help you run your business and make your life a little bit smoother. All right, you guys, I hope you find those useful. Go check out those resources. I think that you'll love them as much as I do and find that they help you just make things a little bit easier and who doesn't need that in life. Right. We could all use a little bit of making things easier and run more smoothly.

Amber (36:37):

So hope you found some value in that episode. If you did, would you screenshot this please and share it on your Instagram stories and remember the whole rant that I did at the beginning of the show. If you share this on your Instagram stories, or you leave me a review on iTunes, send me a message on Instagram or on my website, and let me know who you are, what your business is, what you do. And I'll give you a shout out on the air because I just love to support other entrepreneurs. And I want to do more than just say thank you. When you take the time to leave a review, like I want to really give you a shout out to you and to your business. So help me do that by sending me a message and telling me who you are and what you do. And thank you again to Kelly Witt at wittandcompany.com who our shout out was for this episode. Thank you again so much for sharing the show in your newsletter. I hope that you continue to find value Kelly in these episodes. Uh, so thanks everyone for being here today and you know, the drill until next time, go share your unique message with the world.

Amber (37:40):

Thanks for listening today, friends and spending a piece of your day with me to get more information on my copywriting and content marketing and messaging services, go to Amberglus.com. You can also learn more on Instagram with me @AmberGlus until next time go share your unique message with the world.




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