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Hold That Laptop Or Pen, Friends! I’ll Be Back In January!

I’m wrapping up for the year, friends! The podcast will be back in January 2022. I can’t wait to share new content with you. I’m taking the next few months to enjoy time with my family, pray and strategize about my business and get some much-needed rest. I can’t put into words how much it means to me that you listen to the show. Thank you. I pray it continues to bring you value and I pray you have a blessed end to your year. I look forward to hanging out with you again in January!

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This blog post is a summary of The School of Copy And Messaging Podcast episode #96. You can listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

Full Audio Transcription of this Podcast Episode:

Amber (00:12):

Hey there entrepreneurs you're in the right place. If you were a business owner who started your business to work less hours while making more money, but found yourself, spending too much time on copy that doesn't convert content. That leaves you feeling like you don't know what to write or marketing that isn't making you money. This is the school of copy and messaging podcast, where we believe that entrepreneurs shouldn't have to waste their time creating copy and marketing that doesn't grow their income. I'm your host, Amber gloss. And on this show, I'll be your guide to creating copy that converts readers to customers and marketing that improves your sales. So your business grows faster while you work less, grab that laptop or pin gets copy time.

Amber (01:00):

Hello everyone. Thank you for being here on the show with me today. Um, I am so excited to tell you guys, um, that I'm taking some time off. Um, I am entering a season of rest. Uh, the Lord says there is a season for everything and that does include rest. Um, one of the goals that I have in my business is to take more time off. Um, I've, I've wanted to take off a good part of the end of the year around the holidays. And it's funny because quarter four tends to be a really great season for small businesses. Um, not just for retail stores, but for many other businesses too. And I've got a lot of things working right now and I was debating, uh, my intention was to take off all of November and December this year, and I was debating about it because, um, I've got some things coming.

Amber (01:52):

I've got some things coming that I wanted to launch and that I wanted to prepare for. Um, but ultimately I started this business to be able to take more time off and I want to make sure that I'm doing that. I want to make sure I'm enjoying the traveling that I'm doing right now with my husband. Um, you guys know I'm a, I'm a cancer survivor and one of the goals with my business and with this time that my husband and I are traveling with was that if cancer ever came back, I want to look back on this time and not have any regrets about not getting to do the stuff I wanted to do. And while my business is a part of that, um, so is time off. And so well, it's hard for me to step back from my business because I don't want to lose you guys as listeners.

Amber (02:37):

I don't want to lose, um, my followers and my clients. Um, it is very important to me personally, to get to enjoy a season of rest along season of rest each year. And this is a good time for me to do that. So, um, I am stepping away from the podcast and from the business until January. So please hear my heart. Uh, right now I intend to come back in January. And so I hope that you will continue to follow the show so that you get the updates of when the new episodes will be coming in January. Um, and you get notified when they're available and I'm looking forward to coming back with a lot of fresh new content and ideas and courses. Um, I've got a lot of really cool things coming. So, um, I appreciate all of you guys for listening. It means a lot to me that you let me come into your earbuds every week and that you listened to the show and that's not lost on me.

Amber (03:32):

That that's a huge commitment. So I really appreciate all of you. And I hope that you guys enjoy some time for rest and family in quarter four of this year as well. And I'm really looking forward to coming back in January and spending some really great time with you guys talking about some fresh new content, some fresh new ideas and lots of things that I have brewing. So, um, I appreciate all of you guys listening. Uh, please stay, I guess, subscribed is not the word we're supposed to use anymore. Please continue to follow the show and you'll get notified when new episodes come out, uh, in the meantime, the best place to find me is going to be Instagram. You guys, I am upping my Instagram game. I'm going to do it. I'm going to learn how to use this platform. I'm going to learn how to make it a better tool for my business.

Amber (04:21):

Um, you guys know I've struggled with social media and one of the things that I'm going to be learning, uh, over the next couple of months is how to do that better. And so, um, if you are interested in kind of the next couple months, the journey I'm taking to, um, just take a rest and just plan for my business for next year, you can find all of that fun stuff on Instagram. So, uh, hope you are following me over there. If not, um, I will put the link in the show notes for that. If you're interested in being my friend on the gram. All right, you guys, thanks for being here. Please enjoy a wonderful holiday season, have a Merry Christmas with your family. It's so weird to say that in October. Um, but since I won't be back until January, I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas now. Um, and I will look forward to being back here with you to hang out again in January. Thank you so much for being a listener of the show and you know that I think you have a unique message to share and it matters. So go out and share it with the world.

Amber (05:21):

Thanks for listening to the show today, you can visit Amber quest.com to book a free discovery call to discuss my done for you, copywriting and content marketing services for your business. I look forward to meeting you soon and until next time your message matters. So go out and share it with the world.


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