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The Top Five Marketing Essentials For A Successful Sales Funnel

Marketing can be overwhelming today and leave you feeling like you're pulled in so many different directions. Should you spend more time on social media? Host a room on Clubhouse? Create a webinar? Build a better sales page? Create more email marketing? It's exhausting, I know, but if you have these five essentials in your marketing, you're off to a great start. Keeping it simple can sometimes feel too easy but in an online world that has us inundated with marketing messages, these five essential pieces will keep your marketing engine running smoothly for your business. Everything else can be added when this foundation has been set to help you build clear and consistent marketing.

These five foundational elements will create a simple sales funnel that you can use over and over again in your business to generate organic leads on autopilot.


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StoryBrand: https://amzn.to/3ygPdXNhttps://amzn.to/3ygPdXN

Marketing Made Simple: https://amzn.to/3tG8YEp

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Amber (00:07):

Welcome to The School of Copy and Messaging, a podcast where we help you craft your message and promote it online to build the business as unique as you are. I'm your host, Amber Glus. Professionally, I'm a copywriter marketing guru and communications professional, who has spent the last 20 years in media relations for elected officials and marketing for a national brand, creating copy and messaging that turns prospects into paying customers. Personally, I'm a breast cancer survivor and lover of all things, coffee, who believes that Friends is still the best TV show ever. I bring my get things done attitude here each week with episodes that share tactical lessons on how to craft your message, promote it online, and build a business that brings you joy and freedom. Whether you're an entrepreneur creating your own message, your copywriting and marketing, or a freelancer who wants these skills to increase your business, you are in the right place. Let's dive in together to today's episode.

Amber (01:20):

Welcome to the podcast today and welcome to those of you watching on YouTube today. Uh, thanks for joining me. So today's episode outlines the five things that every successful business should have for their marketing. If you have these buy things, you can start a business and be ensured that you have a really good elementary marketing plan in place. And a lot of entrepreneurs who've been doing this a long time. Um, don't have these elements. And so I know a lot of my listeners out there who are kind of new or feel overwhelmed about like, Oh my gosh, what should I have for my marketing? There are so many things that I need to have there's Oh, there are so many options today, right? Um, if you have these five things in place, you have a successful marketing plan and a successful sales funnel. So we're going to talk today about what are those five things and how do you set those up?

Amber (02:16):

So, um, so, so important to have just these bare minimum, you guys, but it is not overwhelming. Like I, it is so possible to just have these five things implemented in the next 30 days. Okay. So that's what we're going to work on. Um, before we get started today, I want to read another review. Um, and just a reminder, these are some reviews that were left for the podcast a while ago. Um, and I'm now doing a system where if you leave me a review for the podcast and you screenshot that review and you share it on your Instagram stories and you tag me, and then you send me an Instagram DM with a little bit about who you are and what your business is and leave me your website. I will give you a shout-out on the podcast. I truly believe in building up other entrepreneurs.

Amber (03:03):

Um, I just, I'm so grateful for where I've gotten in my business and I never want to ever forget the people who helped me get here. The people who were willing to, you know, give me a chance or feature me on their podcast or, um, any number of things like I, you guys, I did not get here on my own. Um, I didn't, I got here through a lot of hard work, but through a lot of people who have helped me along the way and allowed me to highlight my business or talk about my business and I want to make sure I'm always doing that for other people. So, um, I wanted to just read a review, but also remind you guys that now, if you go leave a review and you screenshot that shared on your Instagram short stories, tag me and send me a DM, let me know who you are, what your business is.

Amber (03:46):

I will give you a shout-out on the podcast. Um, so today I want to read a review that was left previously from biz women. And this review says so thankful I found this podcast finding a message and how to execute it properly with copy has been one of my hardest struggles feeling so blessed that I found this podcast and the information is presented in a way that is easy to understand for everyone. It must subscribe. Don't miss an episode. Thank you so much for biz women leaving a five-star review and that really nice rating and a five-star rating and a really nice review. Um, I just so appreciate it. So go leave a review for the show you guys, um, and let's get into today's episode to talk a little bit about what are the five essential is you need to have really solid marketing and a really good sales funnel. Again, you can implement these in 30 days. Okay. Um, I first want to start, let me get my, sorry, let me get my YouTube in order.

Amber (04:50):

Okay. Um, first I want to start with saying again, um, I'm a certified StoryBrand marketing guide for anybody who's not read the book StoryBrand or marketing made simple by Donald Miller. Um, this is straight out of the story StoryBrand book and the guy training that they provide. Um, so if you guys want to read the book, I'll link to that in the show notes today as well. If it's not something that you're familiar with, it's such a good read, you guys. These are my two favorite marketing books of all time, um, Donald Miller, and just the way that he presents it is so good and so easy to understand. So I'm a big fan of you guys know from hearing me talk about it a lot. Um, I'm gonna just talk about these five things that you can implement. And if you want to read more about it, you can read the book and implement them yourself.

Amber (05:39):

Um, if you want me to help you implement them, I would love to do that. I would be honored to help you build this in your business, and you can go to my [email protected] for those of you on YouTube, it's right up here. Um, and just go check out my website and the services I provide. Um, I do StoryBrand guide coaching. So if you just want somebody to like help you along with, how do you implement in this step in your business, or if you just want somebody to take care of it, I can do that too. Um, all right. So the first thing that you need to, the five essentials for a successful business, number one is a one-liner. Now you guys have heard me reference this in some previous podcast episodes, the StoryBrand calls this a one-liner and because I'm a type a person, it drives me nuts that it's actually not a one-liner, it's actually like a sentence, um, or two, it is the answer to the question, what do you do?

Amber (06:36):

What do you do? And so the way that StoryBrand presents this is to invite people into a story about what you do. And so, instead of just saying, Oh, we do marketing for female entrepreneurs. Um, yes, that is what I do. But, um, to be able to invite people into a story and say something that actually helps them understand, I know how to speak their language. Um, my services are for a very specific person, right? I work for, I work with people. I work with female entrepreneurs, not just all people. Okay. Um, and I have a very specific kind of marketing. I hope marketing. I have women do I can't talk today. I don't know what's happening here. This is kind of ridiculous. Um, anyhow, sorry. I help women do marketing that can passively sell their products and services. So when my women that I work with are really looking for marketing that sets up their business to run on autopilot.

Amber (07:40):

Um, they can wake up with, you know, course sales, um, that they had, where they were sleeping or somebody who signed up for a membership because their marketing has been working in the background. And that's kinda what, I'm what I specialize in. And so this, your one-liner you don't want to just say, Oh, I do marketing. Um, you want to be able to invite people into more of a story that talks a little bit about what it is that you do and who you do it for and why? Um, so an example would be many female entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by marketing their business online at promo right marketing agency. I have a process that makes it simple. So your marketing is always working to grow your business on autopilot. So that's an example of my, one of my one-liners. And so instead of just saying, I do marketing, and for those of you who don't know when you hear me reference promo right marketing agency, that's my business.

Amber (08:31):

Um, so many female entrepreneurs, you're overwhelmed by marketing your business online at Promo Write Marketing Agency, I have a process that makes it simple. So your marketing is always working to grow your business on autopilot. So it tells you a little bit more about, I understand the overwhelm that most female entrepreneurs feel. They don't want to spend hours on social media, but they want marketing. It's always working to build their business. They got into business seeking the freedom that they wanted. And then they find themselves stuck all the time with having to show up online and spent so many hours trying to figure out how to do that. And so I understand that in my marketing, what I do is very specific to that woman who feels that way. And so your one-liner really doesn't just explain what you do. It also explains more about how you do it and you're inviting your customers into a story.

Amber (09:23):

Um, next, so that was number one is your one-liner. Um, but I really wish it was called something else other than a one-liner because it's not one line that really drives me crazy. Um, and, uh, another thing with StoryBrand I've noticed a lot of people get confused on is the one-liner is not the headline on your website. So in StoryBrand, um, if you guys have read the book, StoryBrand has what they call a wire sprain website, and it's basically the process of how to set up your website in a way that's very clear to your customers and in a way that it converts viewers into customers when they come to your website. And there's a very specific way that they lay it out because it keeps it clean. It keeps it simple as how everything in the right places that keeps your reader reading.

Amber (10:08):

Um, and if you want more about that framework, go to Amber glass.com forward slash website, and you can download a really easy guide that shows you how to do that, how to put everything on your homepage, where what you should have, where it goes, all that stuff and request.com forward slash website. Um, and so I get a lot of people who asked isn't is the one-liner the headline on my website, because, on the wireframe website, there's a headline on your website. And the answer is no, that is not your one-liner. And I think a lot of people get them confused because the one-liner is called the one-liner. The one-liner is the answer to the question, what do you do? And you can put it on your website, um, in StoryBrand they recommend putting it on their website at a very specific place though. And again, if you want that, wire's rain go download that into the walk you through it.

Amber (10:58):

Um, but your headline on your website is not actually your one-liner your headline on your website, um, should be actually one line that says exactly what you do. And doesn't go into the whole story. It's just very quick, here's what I do. Here's what I do at four. And in StoryBrand they say it should pass the grunt test, right? So anybody, if you've read the book, this makes a lot more sense, but basically, they say a caveman who knows nothing about business, nothing about what you do should be able to come to your website in 10 seconds to be able to look at it and see what it is that you do and who you do it for. That's your headline on your website? It's different than your one-liner, which is, um, part of your marketing plan, your sales funnel. Okay. So your headline on your website and your one-liner are two very different things.

Amber (11:46):

I think a lot of people get confused when they read StoryBrand, um, they get confused on those two things. So again, your one-liner the answer to the question. What is it that you do? That's the first thing on our list today of what are the five essentials you need in your business to have a successful sales funnel? The one-liner is the number one thing. Number two is to have a website that's clear and gives your customers a plan to work with you. Again, I recommend the story brand wireframe for your website, because it lays it out very simply for your customer. You want it to be clear for your customer. You want to give your customer a very clear path. Um, remember when I did the episode a couple of weeks ago, and I talked about what are the things you need to have on your website?

Amber (12:34):

So go back to that, if you want more information, but it's the plan one, two, three, how do you work with me and make it incredibly simple for your customers to see a path to work with you and exactly how does that help me? What am I going to get out of that? Um, if you don't have a plan on your website, you need to make sure that you add that to your website. Um, if you have a website that is clear and gives your customers a plan to work with you, you are doing 80% better than you are without it. Um, if you are feeling like I'm overwhelmed by marketing, if you just have a, if you have these five things, you guys, you're going to be well on your way to having a really good sales funnel that helps market your business behind the scenes.

Amber (13:16):

And one of those things is a website that is incredibly clear to your customer. All too often, entrepreneurs try to put way too much on their homepage. It's like taking everything that you do and putting it all on your homepage. Um, it's confusing to your customer. If you can just put yourself in your customer's shoes, your customer goes to your website, they don't know anything yet about you or what you do. Um, and they are just like, okay, I'm checking out this person. And then all of a sudden there is a fire hose turned on and they're looking at everything that you do, it's really overwhelming for your customers. So there is, if you just have a clear homepage, you can put all of the other stuff in other places on your website, but just have a clear homepage so that when people come, they have a call to action, they know exactly what you do and who you do it for.

Amber (14:13):

And there's a plan that's very easily outlined for how they do business with you. If you even just have those three things on your website, you will do so much more business because it's easier for customers to use your website. Customers care about ease of use, and it's your job to make sure that your website is easy for your customers to use. So if you want more information about how to layout your entire home page and exactly what needs to be on it and what needs to go, where download my free guide, it shows you exactly what to put on your website and where it goes. It's very easy to use amberglus.com/website. Um, the next thing, so the first two number one was the one-liner number two was a clear website that gives your customers a plan to do business with you.

Amber (15:04):

Number three is your lead magnet. So last week's episode was on how to create a stellar lead magnet, like some tips for how to do that. Um, so go back and listen to that episode, if you haven't yet, that was also on YouTube for my YouTube people. Um, you need a lead magnet in your business and you guys don't overthink this. It doesn't have to be huge. It can be a simple checklist. It can be a resource page, every resource that you know is going to be useful to your customer. Um, don't overthink it, especially if it's your first lead magnet, go with something very simple. Um, as long as it's something that's easy to read and it's incredibly valuable information for your customer, then your customers will download it and give you their email address for it. Think I would rather you spend more time on creating something that's valuable for your customer.

Amber (15:55):

That is five steps, that simple versus feeling like you need a 20-page lead magnet because you don't like you need something that is just valuable for your customers. Um, don't overthink it. So, um, a resource list is a really good one to end on that episode. Last week, I gave you guys some other examples of things you could do for a lead magnet and just tips and how to create it. So if you haven't listened to that one, go back to that. Um, but a lead magnet is the third necessity to have for a successful business. So number one was a one-liner number two is a website that's clear. Number three is the lead magnet that is useful to your customers. Number four is an email sequence. So you need at least one email sequence set up, and this can be as simple as when somebody downloads your lead magnet, your email system, whatever you use, sends them a thank you email and says, Hey, thanks for downloading this lead magnet.

Amber (16:49):

I hope you find it valuable. Here's a little bit more information about, um, my business and where you can schedule a call with me. If you'd like you guys, it doesn't have to be a sequence of five emails that go out. It can just be one. Then once you get that setup, you can add to it later. Then you can add a second one. That's maybe a resource list. You can add a third one that is, um, how to sign up for my membership. You can add a fourth one after that. That is, um, you know, my favorite things I saw on Instagram. Like it can be anything, um, but you don't have to overthink it at first. If you just have one email that goes out when your lead magnet is downloaded. Good enough. That is good enough, especially if you're getting started or if you just created a new lead magnet.

Amber (17:36):

Um, now your email sequence, I recommended to you guys a couple of weeks ago, when I did the podcast episode on email marketing networks. Once you've got somebody who's downloaded your lead magnet, you should be creating content once a week. You can email a summary of that content to your list. So if you're not recreating content, you're just sending your email list of summary. For those of you who are on my email list. And you're getting an email once a week that says, Hey, here's what the podcast episode was about this week. Here are the show notes and the links that we talked about sent right to your email. So you don't have to think about it and go find them later. And that's a really good way to use the content you're already creating to send an email at least once a week to your email list. So when somebody downloads that lead magnet, it's a really good way to stay in touch with them and send an email. At least once a week is just to summarize the content that you're sending. And then later you can always add to your email sequences and send out more information. Doesn't have to be right away. Um,

Amber (18:38):

The last thing that you need, and I'm going to kind

Amber (18:41):

Of, I guess this is kind of a trooper. The last thing that you need is a sales letter. Um, I would get this in two different ways. So depending on where your business is, that you may not have something that you're currently selling. Like I have a lot of clients who are like, I'm in the process of creating a membership, or I'm in the process of creating a course or a mini-course, um, or products, but I don't have it ready yet. So in that case, you may not need a sales email to go out, um, as part of an email sequence. And that's okay. Um, what I do recommend though, is that you have a sales page of some kind. So even if you're in the process of creating something that's not ready yet, you should have a sales page where people can go and sign up for it.

Amber (19:27):

Um, again, you guys don't overthink the sales page, like it doesn't, it doesn't have to be extravagant, um, at least have something up. Even if you have, up with a waitlist, you could do a sales page right now for a list. It just gives you somewhere in your business to drive traffic to. So if you don't have a course or membership that's up, um, and you just want to make sure that you're capturing the people who might be interested in signing up, you have a place to send them. And then also having a sales page up has given you the ability to test your offer. So if you have something coming that you'd like to promote, you can put up a sales page. Um, and again, this is a StoryBrand recommendation that, that they teach their guides is to put up a sales page and drive traffic to it.

Amber (20:14):

And you'll, you'll know within a couple of months if it's something that people are going to sign up for. So if you're in the process of creating a course and a lot of people who have taken, um, tribe or DCA, you guys have heard, um, the recommendation of like a pre-sale offer. So a sales page might be something that you put up for your presale offers. So, um, it might be that you're teaching this course in three or four weeks. And the people who sign up, you know, before the launch date get 30% off or something, or you could just have a wait for it to say, Hey, if this is something you guys think you need, go put your name on my waitlist. That way I know it's something that's going to be valuable. Um, so it just gives you a place to send that traffic.

Amber (20:56):

And in StoryBrand they recommend that you have a sales email, that's going out as part of your sequence. But I know a lot of, a lot of people just aren't there yet. And so that's okay. You can create a sales page online that you're just directing traffic to, and it can be a pre-sale. It can just be a waitlist, but you know, sign up for it. And you'll notify people when it actually launches. And that's okay. So let's go through those one more time, five essential things you need for a successful business to have a sales funnel. Number one is your one-liner number two is your website that is clear and gives customers a plan to do business with you. Number three is a lead magnet for customers to download. Number four is an email sequence of at least one email that can go out when they download your lead magnet.

Amber (21:46):

If you have more emails, great, if not that's okay. And number five is either a sales email or a sales page, at least one of those. Um, those are the five things that you guys, if you have those things in your business right now, I promise you, you, you can run a business on those. You really can't like so many people that I'm talking to her overthinking. How do I create a marketing plan in a sales funnel? If you have these five things you are off to an amazing start. So, and I want you guys to really like take a deep breath and don't overthink it because marketing your business online does not have to be this hard. Um, it can be, it can be overwhelming. It doesn't have to be, if you just start with these five things in your business, for those of you who are starting out, who are launching a new product, just come back to the basics, just do these five things, have a one-liner have a website that's clear, create a lead magnet, at least one email that goes out when somebody downloads it and either a sales email or a sales page if you don't have something that you're currently selling where you can at least have people sign up for a waitlist, those five things that are totally okay.

Amber (23:09):

And if you have more than that, great, but if you at least have this, that can get your business off the ground and up and running. So if you need help creating those things, please go to my website, grab a coaching session with me, or look at the packages I offered to help get those things that at for you. And I would be happy to do that. Um, for my listeners out there who were creating memberships and courses, I also want to make sure that, you know, um, I do build websites in Kajabi for you. So for those of you who are like, I would love to have StoryBrand applied to my business and I'm looking at moving over to Kajabi. Um, I know a lot of people are because they're getting ready to launch their courses and they want to have all of their stuff in one spot, their website, their email marketing, their course membership, et cetera.

Amber (23:56):

Um, so I am an affiliate for Kajabi. If you guys want to try Kajabi for 14 days for free, you can click on the link in the show notes to do that. And if you are looking for somebody who can build that website for you in Kajabi, I can do that. So go to my website. You can check all that out or send me an [email protected]. For those of you, again on YouTube, the website is right up here. Um, and I would be happy to help you out with that. So I know a lot of entrepreneurs are wanting to move over to Kajabi. Um, and a lot of they're finding a lot of people who like only build websites in WordPress and Squarespace or Wix. Um, and so if you need help, I only do Kajabi. I don't do the others. Um, but I specifically build those websites for online entrepreneurs. So if that's something you need help with, I would be happy to do that for you. All right, you guys, um, I hope that you find that useful. I'm going to be back again next week and I hope you guys have a great week.

Amber (24:59):

Thank you for listening today, friends, and spending a piece of your day with me. If you found this episode valuable, please share it on all things social and tag me at Amber Glass with your thoughts. It would also mean the world to me. If you would leave me a five-star rating and a raving review on iTunes or whatever your favorite podcast listening app is ratings and reviews. Help me to grow the show and get great guests on here for you to get more information on copywriting, creating your message, and marketing it for your business. Follow me on Instagram @AmberGlus or go to my website, amberglus.com. I want this podcast to be packed full of value for you. So please consider sending me a DM and tell me what topics you'd like for me to cover on the show. I answer all of my DMS personally, and I'm happy to share my insights with you or answer questions that might help you with your own business until next time friends go share your unique message with the world.




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