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Can You Use Clubhouse To Build Your Business? Get Clients, Do Market Research And Grow Your Network On Clubhouse! For Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, VAs and OBMs

Can you use Clubhouse to build your business? To get clients? To expand your network? The answer is yes, yes, and yes! Clubhouse offers you some great, innovative ways to get in front of your customers, showcase your expertise, and network with your soon-to-be clients! In today's episode, we evaluate how you can use Clubhouse for market research, networking, creating content, serving your audience, and increasing your business. If you aren't on this platform yet, go get it and dive into a new client base and new ways of marketing your business online, friend!



Full Audio Transcription of this Podcast Episode:


Welcome to The School of Copy and Messaging, a podcast where we help you craft your message and promote it online to build a business as unique as you are. I'm your host, Amber Glus. Professionally, I'm a copywriter marketing guru and communications professional, who has spent the last 20 years in media relations for elected officials and marketing for a national brand, creating copy and messaging that turns prospects into paying customers. Personally, I'm a breast cancer survivor and lover of all things, coffee, who believes that Friends is still the best TV show ever. I bring my get things done attitude here each week with episodes that share tactical lessons on how to craft your message promoted online and build a business that brings you joy and freedom. Whether you're an entrepreneur creating your own message, your copywriting and marketing, or a freelancer who wants these skills to increase your business, you are in the right place. Let's dive in together to today's episode.


Hey friends, thanks for joining me today on the podcast. Welcome back to the show. I have a life update for you to start out today's show. Um, those of you who've been listening for a little while, know I was talking about the rebrand, um, and that is still in process. So, um, I want to talk about that today too and give you an update on that. But first I wanted to give you an update just on life, on what's going on. Um, because you may have noticed the podcast episodes have been a little sporadic. Um, if you're in my Facebook community, um, I haven't been doing my lives in my Facebook community and I just wanted to let you know why. So, um, I will be getting back on track, but, uh, I moved across the country this past month. So things have been a little, uh, chaotic to say the least and my husband and I sold our home in Colorado.


And we don't have a place that we want to live yet. Like, we don't really know what state we're going to move to and where we're going to settle next. So we're kind of on this journey. Uh, we're taking some fun time this summer to just explore in our campers. So, um, that's why the podcast episodes have been a little sporadic and why my Facebook community hasn't been getting the Facebook lives I was doing. I just wanted to let you know, that's why. And just ask for a little bit of grace. I will be getting back on track now that we've at least moved out of the house and we're across the country. Um, while we travel around, I'll be still recording. Um, and I'll be getting back to Facebook live soon, but just wanted to let you know, that's kind of why things have been a little sporadic.


So, um, the rebrand also is still in process. Um, a, a good lesson, I guess in this is I had worked with an attorney when I was doing the rebrand. Um, I came up with a podcast name and I checked with an attorney to just make sure that I could use the name I wanted, um, that it wasn't trademarked. And unfortunately, my attorney found there was something trademarked that was really close to the name I had wanted. So I'm, I have to choose a different name. So I'm glad I checked with my attorney. So for anybody who's considering naming a podcast or a business or a course or anything like that, it's good to check with an attorney first. So I'm glad I did that. Um, but I have to kind of go back to step one and think of a different name for the show.


Um, I wanted to rebrand a little bit for reflecting kind of the vision of where the show is going. Um, so that's coming, but I do have to go back to step one and think of a new name. So that's an update just on life in general, uh, in addition to the rebrand of the podcast. So, um, I will have more on those things coming soon. I wanted today to talk to you about how do you use clubhouse to get clients? Um, this is an amazing platform you guys, that I've talked about in the past and you know, if you've listened to some of those past episodes, I am super excited about clubhouse. I love clubhouse. Um, I haven't been on it much this past month with our move. Um, but I'm excited to get back at it. Um, clubhouse is a really, really good way to find clients with you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, um, clubhouse, if you're not on it, jump on it.


I know for a long time, people were kind of like, ah, it's a new platform. I'm not sure if it's going to stick around. Um, I don't know if it's going to stick around either. I hope so. Cause I really like it. Uh, but even if it doesn't stick around, it's here today. So why not use it today? If it can help you with your business? Um, that's kind of my mentality. So here is my plan that we're going to talk about today for how you can use clubhouse to get clients for your business. Um, the reason first before we, I guess, jump into the, how the reason the why we're talking about this today is I really feel like clubhouse is a really good way to kind of get in front of people. So clients that you may have not gotten in front of otherwise, clubhouse opens up some new opportunities to get yourself in front of clients and to kind of insert yourself in the conversations that they're already having.


And so that's kind of why I think clubhouse is a relevant way to get clients and why I wanted to talk about that today on the show. So first before we dive into that, I want to remind you if you've ever wondered what kind of stuff you should be including on your website and what goes, where on your website, go grab my free guide. These are the five essentials that you need to on your website. And it is a really thorough guide that shows you exactly what to put, where on your website, it's super helpful and it's free. It's Amberglus.com/website. That's my guide. That'll show you exactly what to include on your website and what goes, where, so Amberglus.com/website. All right. So jumping into today's episode clubhouse for anybody who doesn't know, clubhouse is an audio-only app.


And of course, as a podcaster, I love that it's audio-only. Um, but here's the thing that I love about clubhouse. And if you haven't listened to my previous episode, scroll back in the podcast shows cause I did an episode, oh, I want to say three or four months ago, um, that focused on why clubhouse is so good for content marketing. And so scroll back to that, to get some more kind of context around that. Um, but clubhouse is this app where it's audio-only, and you can jump into a room that is topic-specific and you can listen to people talk about this topic. Um, and you can raise your hand and ask questions. So you're in a room with other people who are interested in that topic. You're usually learning something, but there's also like, um, how to stuff there's prompting, like how to do journaling, how to do a morning routine, um, everything from how to do social media, to communities as well, just communities of, you know, women getting together who owned businesses or Christian Bible study groups or fitness groups. Um, it's really similar to like everything on Facebook except for its only audio. Okay. So that's just a quick rundown for anybody who isn't familiar with clubhouse. Um, I think, I think clubhouse is still only on the, um, iPhone platform. I don't think it's been released yet to Android. I don't know that a hundred percent for sure, but if you're an Android user and you can't find it in your app store, it's because it hasn't been released yet any hope back to how to find clients on clubhouse.


The first thing similar to other kinds of social media platforms is you want to find where your customers are at. So if your customers are online entrepreneurs, then you should be in clubs that online entrepreneurs are in and you want to attend the rooms that those clubs are having. So make sure that you're searching for the clubs that you think your customers would be in join those groups or those clubs. And then look at this schedule of what, what rooms are coming up, and make sure that you mark those on your calendar and plan on attending. Now I know the first thought that most of us have is, you know, who in the world has time to do all of this and it doesn't have to be too big. You guys, it can be small. You can do one hour a week and just attend, you know, two 30 minute rooms or one room for an hour.


There are rooms that go much longer than that, but there are plenty on there for people who, you know, jump on for half an hour, it's 15 minutes of something that you're learning. And then they take questions for 15 minutes. So yes, some of them are longer, but it doesn't have to be you spending hours and hours on the platform. It can be you time-blocking for an hour each week. And just jumping into some rooms that, you know, your clients are in and just participate is the next thing. So again, similar to some other social media platforms, you guys are already probably using, uh, engage with people. It is, it is a place where you can insert yourself into the conversation more than you can on other social media platforms. So number one, search for the clubs and get into rooms that, you know, your customer is hanging out in.


Number two, make sure that you're, time-blocking about an hour to spend at least in the app. Um, and just interact with your people, interact with your customers. Raise your hand in groups, ask questions or add valuable information, in the groups. Um, that's a really good way to just insert yourself into the conversations for the things that your customers are seeking information on. The reason that I love clubhouse so much for finding clients is it really takes out some of the guesswork in what your customers are looking for. You instantly know what they're looking for when they're interested in being in a room where there's a certain topic being shared. It gives you so much insight into what your customers need, what challenges they have, what they're interested in, what services they're looking for. It's a really, really good way for you to do some market research.


Even if you just kind of want to stand on the sidelines at first, get to know the app a little bit, get to know, you know, what's going on in some of these rooms. Um, that's perfectly fine. It's great for research as well, but once you're ready, engage yourself in those conversations, because this is a platform where you can do that so much easier than on all of the other platforms. Um, let me give you an example of what I mean. So I did an episode not too long ago and mentioned, um, that finding clients in, you know, Facebook groups is a good idea. I'm engaging with people. I think a lot of people have done this for quite a while, where, you know, you can jump into a Facebook group and add value, add, add, um, information to something somebody is asking for, give solutions to what people are asking for sometimes though in Facebook groups.


Um, I love them. They're good for this, but sometimes your comments can get lost really easily in a big group. I don't know if you guys feel that way, but I certainly do sometimes like, you'll comment on something and then you'll go back and try to go through all of your notifications and you have to read through like all the people who might've said something and try to make sure you're commenting on everybody else who maybe had a question like it gets a little bit cumbersome. Um, and just for a reason while it's useful, I think it does take a little bit more time, but on clubhouse, the nice thing about clubhouse is you jump into a room that is specific to a topic where, you know, your customers are hanging out, not only is it really good for market research, but it's a really easy way for you to just like write down.


Okay. You know, Amber just said, she had a question on this and if you raise your hand and you might say, you know, I know Amber, you had a question on this. Here's a really good resource for it. And they can see who's talking. And then at the end, you'll notice people saying like, um, you know, this is so-and-so and I was just answering the question to Amber that she had about this topic. And it really just focuses on the attention of your customers on what you're offering them for information. So I love that about clubhouse because it kind of cuts through all the noise and really puts your message right in front of your customer, and really establishes yourself as an authority in your industry and with your content. And it's a really great way for you to become seen as a resource and seen as somebody who is trustworthy because people are, are getting to know you a little bit better when they can hear your voice on clubhouse and hear your, how much value you're bringing to the conversation.


So the first thing is, you know, get in the app, get into some clubs and some rooms where your customers are hanging out. The next thing is, insert yourself into that conversation and really start offering some value in the rooms. Raise your hand, ask questions, offer information that's useful. And then you could say as market research as well, and really pay attention to the kinds of rooms that your customers are hanging out in. And that could be directly related to solutions that they're looking for. It can also be related to just other things that they're interested in. Um, why is that important? This can give you really good insight into how, like, what are some other ways that you could get in front of your customer? And I'll, I'll give you another example of that. If you know that a lot of your customers are hanging out in, you know, the miracle morning clubs, um, people who are really focused on, you know, setting up a morning routine, if you guys have ever read the book miracle morning, a lot of those folks hang out in the groups that talk about how do you set up a morning routine that can help make you successful.


And a lot of the groups even have, um, each morning, like at the scheduled time, they, they all get into a room at the same time every day, just to kind of help with accountability, to prompt one another, to do that morning routine, maybe it's exercise, maybe it's meditation, maybe it's reading, you know, learning something, whatever that might be. And they'll jump into that room at the same time every morning as a group for accountability. Well, if you know, a lot of your customers are doing that. It's a really good way to give you some insight into other things they care about. This can be important when you're creating content that helps you create more content that's relevant to your audience. So you might be creating content about, um, you know, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. But if you know, a lot of your customers are hanging out in these groups that are meeting every morning for how to set up a morning routine, then it can prompt you to create some content.


That's like, Hey, maybe I need to do a blog post about what I think my customers can do to set themselves up with a morning routine that helps with their nutrition or their wellness. So it just gives you some market research and some insight into some of the things that your customers care about that maybe you could use as a gauge for what content you need to be creating. That's going to, that's going to be more helpful. That's going to help you be set apart as an authority in your industry. The next thing that I really love about getting clients on clubhouse is you it's like taking your online resume and putting it into action. So the reason I say this is if you think about an online resume, you know, you would put in your resume, like I have all of this experience working for these people or these companies doing these, you know, 50 things that are my specialty well on clubhouse, you can really accelerate that and showcase what you know, how to do in these rooms, uh, by answering people's questions.


And you'll notice people in the room start saying, um, you know, I, I've got 20 years of experience in the marketing industry and I learned that the best solution for, um, copy that converts is to make sure you're speaking the language of your avatar and really understand how to use their slang and what solutions they need that you can provide. Um, so that might be an answer that I could give in a clubhouse room. If somebody is asking for, you know, I'm really struggling with my copy, how do I start creating copy that converts better? Cause it's not converting. So that might be an answer that I would give. And what I did there is I answered their question and I brought some value for how to do that very quickly. But I also showcased my experience in saying, you know, I've got over 20 years of experience in this business, and that is a way that you can kind of accelerate putting your resume in front of people on clubhouse and you don't want to overdo it, right?


Like, you'll hear some people in some of these rooms that definitely get a little overzealous with giving their, their kind of verbal resume, um, which is very impressive in many cases, but people get bored, right? Because you want to keep in mind in any situation clubhouse, or if you're giving other speeches or proposals, um, it's about your customer. K. It's not about you. It's about what you can do for your customer and what your customer gets out of it. So there's kind of a fine balance of showcasing some of your authority, but instantly then switching it over to how you can help your customer one clubhouse. When you do that, you can say something like I have 20 years of experience in the business. And here's what I found is most useful to my customers. And you are quickly showcasing your authority, but then you're giving your customer something that really matters to them and telling your customer how you can help solve a problem that helps them do something better, or learn something quicker or convert their sales or whatever that might be.


And so it's kind of a way of accelerating, putting your resume in front of somebody and doing it in a way that's useful to them. The last thing I want to mention quickly about clubhouse is first you guys. I, um, you know, as I said, I don't know if this app is going to be around forever, but it's one that I really think is worth your time and your effort, even if you just time block an hour each week to spend in the app. There are some really cool things going on in clubhouse. Um, first on a personal level for yourself, you can find things for easily that you're interested in, um, really cool way to learn new things. A lot of entrepreneurs who are on there are teaching things that, um, I just love, like you wouldn't be able to get in front of some of these people and pay for a class for them for huge amounts of money and you can jump on clubhouse and get it for free.


So that part's amazing. Um, but the really cool thing is it's, it's open for you to ask questions. So, you know, you don't always get called on. Um, but when you do, you have the opportunity to ask questions of people that you may not ever have otherwise gotten to do, which is pretty neat. Um, but as far as finding clients, it's a really good way for you to put yourself in front of your ideal customer. It's a really good way to showcase some of your authority. And it's a great way to insert yourself into the conversations that your customers are already having. And it's a really good way to do market research. So those are, that's a quick recap of everything that we went over today. Um, another thing that you can do in clubhouse is hosting, hosting your own room. Um, I know that the app is still new and so I don't know how many of you might be on it.


And if you are, if you've already set up your own club and hosted rooms, um, there's a really cool thing you can do in clubhouse where you can be a cohost with other people and you can kind of do a room together, um, which is a really good way to start if you are new and you kind of get used to the app and you want to host a room, um, you don't have to do it by yourself. You can grab, you know, some other entrepreneurs in your industry and just right on the app, you can just send them an invite and say, Hey, do you want to, you know, do this room with me or invite them to a room that you had set up. Um, so the nice thing about that is if, if they come to the room, then you can get some exposure to their audience too.


So similar to like being a guest on somebody's podcast, it just helps give you exposure to other audiences, which can be another great way for you to find clients. Um, if you, uh, specifically look for people in clubhouse who are in kind of parallel industries, um, so again, going back to the example of the health coach, maybe you focus on nutrition, but you want to do a clubhouse room with somebody who focuses on, um, I dunno what meditation and the two of you can do, like an overall wellness room. And it just gives you exposure to another audience who might want to use your services. And it also just kind of helps break up your rooms. Like it's kind of nice sometimes when there's more than one host. Um, so keep that in mind. That's a really good way to get exposure to some new clients.


The last thing I'll mention, um, if you don't already have a club, this is kind of a little bit more advanced if you're, if you're not at this point, that's okay. But when you get to this point, consider hosting your own club, because then you can pick the topics that, you know, you're an expert in that your customers are going to want to come and learn more about or get information about. And with hosting, you can then tag in other entrepreneurs, if you do want to have some other co-hosts, but it really gives you the ability to control your content. Um, when you're doing, when you're hosting a room, a really cool thing that you can do is almost like when you hear podcasters say, you know, let's take a moment to thank our sponsors on clubhouse. You'll hear people kind of say, I'm just going to take a moment to just remind people who've joined the room.


Um, you know, my name is Amber. I'm a copywriting and marketing coach for online entrepreneurs and freelancers. And today's topic is how to write, copy that converts if you guys are new in the room, uh, welcome. Just want to remind you guys, I'm offering a free resource today to anybody who attended. Um, you can grab [email protected] forward slash website. So it just tells people, um, you know, who you are, what, what you're doing, send them your lead magnet. You can do that throughout the room that you're hosting. The nice thing about that is it gives you the ability to also build your email list to the new people that you're getting exposed to. Um, so that's just a little bit advanced, but once you get to that point, that's a really great way to do it. All right, friends, I hope you found that useful.


I hope you go grab the clubhouse app if you haven't already and make sure, um, to use it, to get new clients. I think you'll really love it. I think it's a great resource for getting clients kind of a new way to do it. Um, send me a DM on Instagram. If you go and try it, and if you get some new clients and you enjoy it, I would love to hear about that. I would also love it. If you would screenshot this episode, you're looking at and just share it on your Instagram stories. If you found some value in today's episode, will you tell your Instagram world about it so that we can share the love of the podcast? I would sure appreciate it. If you would share that, um, hope you guys have a great week and we'll be back next week with another episode.


Thank you for listening today, friends, and spending a piece of your day with me. If you found this episode valuable, please share it on all things social and tag me @AmberGlus with your thoughts. It would also mean the world to me. If you would leave me a five-star rating and a raving review on iTunes or whatever your favorite podcast listening app is ratings and reviews. Help me to grow the show and get great guests on here for you to get more information on copywriting, creating your message, and marketing it for your business. Follow me on Instagram @AmberGlus, or go to my website, amberglus.com. I want this podcast to be packed full of value for you. So please consider sending me a DM and tell me what topics you'd like for me to cover on the show. I answer all of my DMS personally, and I'm happy to share my insights with you or answer questions that might help you with your own business until next time friends go share your unique message with the world.





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