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What Is The Best Online Platform For Delivering Your Content and Marketing Your Business?

Is one online platform better for your business than another? Do you have to choose just one, or is there an easy way to use all of them? The answer is yes, and in today’s episode, we dive into how to choose the best platform for you, your service, or your product. We cover how to know which platform is right for you and how to use all of them to your benefit to capture more leads and tp strategically place yourself in front of the right customers every time.


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Welcome to The School of Copy and Messaging, a podcast where we help you craft your message and promote it online to build the business as unique as you are. I'm your host, Amber Glus. Professionally, I'm a copywriter marketing guru and communications professional, who has spent the last 20 years in media relations for elected officials and marketing for a national brand, creating copy and messaging that turns prospects into paying customers. Personally, I'm a breast cancer survivor and lover of all things, coffee, who believes that Friends is still the best TV show ever. I bring my get things done attitude here each week with episodes that share tactical lessons on how to craft your message promoted online and build a business that brings you joy and freedom. Whether you're an entrepreneur creating your own message, your copywriting and marketing, or a freelancer who wants these skills to increase your business, you are in the right place. Let's dive in together to today's episode.


All right. Welcome, everybody. Thanks for joining me today on the podcast or on YouTube, whichever one you're listening to today. Um, so I have a really quick episode for you today about a question that I've been getting a lot. And so I thought it would be useful if I just did an episode on it. Um, so I've had a lot of people asking recently, what is the best platform for me to create content? Like I've been talking to you guys a lot about the content that you create, being the top of your sales funnel, and being the way that a lot of your customers are going to find you because they find you when they're looking for information or the answer to a problem, the solution to a problem, or an answer to a question that they have. And they're putting that into Google online.


And when they put it in, they find you because you have created content that solves that problem. So because content is the top of your sales funnel, the way that you're going to build your organic sales funnel to sell your passive products and services, a lot of people are like, okay, I get that. What's the best platform for me to create my content on. That's the question we're gonna answer today. So before we get into today's episode, I would like to read you guys today's review again, these reviews were left for the podcast, um, a while ago, but for anyone who wants to go leave a review now, a new review. Um, I would love to give you a shout-out on the air and share the love. I love building up other entrepreneurs. Um, I want to give back to other entrepreneurs. So if you'd like to go leave a review for the show, please go to iTunes, leave a five-star rating and a review and screenshot that shared on your Instagram stories and tag me, and then send me a quick DM and just tell me who you are and what your businesses, uh, tell me what your website is.


And I would love to give you a shout-out on the podcast. Um, so let's leave a review that was previously left for the show. Um, this one is by Shea Nate. I love how Amber includes her experiences in this show. She gives real solutions to the everyday challenges I face in marketing, and I know she has been in my shoes. Her skills for marketing in today's online business world are spot on. Thank you so much, Shane EI for those kind words, and for leaving a review for the podcast, um, again, please go leave a review. And if you do, and you send me an Instagram DM with your contact information, like your website and a little bit about your business, I will share that on the air as well. And give you a shout-out. How in the world do you decide what platform is the best for you to share your content on?


Uh, you guys, this is a quick and dirty episode. I'm just going to lay it out and get you on your way today because there's a very simple answer to this. I'm going to talk a little bit about why, but the very simple answer is the platform that you're going to show up on the most consistently. That's the platform you choose the platform. You're going to show up on the most consistently. That's the platform you should choose if that's blogging because you prefer writing, do that. If that's podcasting, because you prefer audio over video, do that. If it's YouTube because you love video or because your business works best for a video like the how-tos need a visual to them choose YouTube. Um, there is not a right or wrong answer to this question. I know there are certain platforms that you're going to like better than others, maybe based on your business and just your personal preference.


Um, but there's, there's not really a right or wrong answer. Any, any platform is going to be good as long as you are using it consistently, if you, the answer here is as long as you are putting out content, at least once a week, that's good, whatever platform you choose to do that on. Um, not really a right or wrong answer, as long as you're doing it. So let me break down those, some things that may help you make the decision. If you're just somebody who just likes to write like you don't want to deal with the audio, you don't want to deal with the video and those things don't even appeal to you at all. Blogging is your most obvious answer. So definitely look at blogging. If you're somebody who's just like, I don't want to worry about how to record the audio or the video doesn't even appeal to me then totally do blogging.


Um, podcasting, if you're somebody who wants to record the audio and does not want to be on video, podcasting is obviously great for that. Um, podcasting is super cool for, you know, showing up in your yoga pants and your slippers with a cup of coffee, um, and your hair looking like a hot mess because nobody's going to see it. Um, so I started obviously with podcasting. Um, I just love podcasting because I love the audio. So myself as a consumer, um, uh, no offense to my YouTube people out there. I don't really watch YouTube. Um, that much, if I'm searching for something, I'm just not the type of person who's going to watch a video, I'm going to tend to listen to something or read it. Um, now I will tell you, you tubers, who also have a podcast, I tend to swap back and forth between their YouTube and their podcasts.


Like if I'm on my desktop, I will pull up YouTube and listen to them on YouTube. But if I'm on my phone and I'm mobile, um, I will pull up their podcast. So here's the thing. Number one, go with the platform that you are going to do consistently. If that is blogging you tubing or podcasting choose whichever one you think you're going to be the most consistent at and by most consistent, I mean, at least once a week, the second thing to consider is where does your audience want you to be? Because if your audience is mostly YouTube, you should be on YouTube. But if your audience is mostly looking at blogs, then you need to be on blocks. It depends on your personal preference. And it depends on the preference of your audience. Now here's the really cool thing. This is what I prefer is an answer that I took.


But again, you guys, you guys do what you feel the most comfortable with. Um, if I had to say, what is the way that I think most entrepreneurs are going to have the most, um, bang for their buck out of, I would go with YouTube, but let me explain the why behind this. Um, really cool seeing you guys know I'm all about repurposing content, saving yourself time. Um, YouTube is the kind of the top of the content ladder. If like that's how I kind of look at it. It was like the content ladder where you can read it, purpose things the most, and get the most bang for your buck. YouTube would be at the top of that ladder and blogging is at the bottom of that ladder. And the reason I put it in that visual is, is YouTube. You can record the audio and the video, just like I'm doing now.


You guys are probably hearing the audio of this on the podcast. Um, there is also a YouTube video of me recording this podcast. So it's just me and my goofiness over here, recording a video on YouTube. Um, but that's the top of the ladder. So I'm recording on YouTube, but then I'm going to pull out the audio from that YouTube, and I'm going to put it on my podcast, and then we're going to take the audio from that podcast and put it into it. Transcription service called Temi, T E M I, I'll link that in the show notes for you. And then we're going to put that transcription on the blog, on my website, and then I'm going to use that transcription. And I'm going to pull part, um, some quotes that I'm going to use for social media posts. Maybe I do a story that outlines the top three ways to choose the platform that's best for you.


That might be a story I do this week. It is using one piece of content and repurposing it on multiple platforms. Now, do you have to do that? No, you don't have to, but could you, yes, you could. And there's a very simple process for this. Um, um, if you need help with it, please go to my website, grab a coaching session with me and I can walk you through it. Um, but the basics are, um, I use zoom. So I record my videos and my audio in zoom. And then zoom gives you two files. It gives you a video file and an audio file. I think that's a technical term, one MP3 MP4, I think for somebody who's not very techie, uh, video and audio, much easier to remember. Um, so you download those two files and you can upload the audio file to your podcast and you can upload the video file, do your YouTube, and so forth.


Somebody like me, who's not very techie. That's super easy zoom. I don't know. I'm sure other platforms do it too. I just happened to like Sue them and I know how to use it. So that's what I use to record them, both repurpose them. And so I figure why not? Like if it's that easy to show up in two different places, why not? Right. And that way I am find-able I'm find-able I wasn't even sure that the word I am find-able by my eye audience. Um, my audience is able to find me on YouTube or on my podcasts, which are on both just like me. If they're a consumer like me, who kind of swaps back and forth based on whether or not they're sitting at a desk. Um, in my opinion, I know my audience. Um, they may like to log into YouTube and listen to me when they're sitting at their desk, but they also want the option of just hitting play on their phone when they're doing laundry or out for a walk or doing dishes.


And that's exactly what I do. Like, I love the entrepreneurs who offer both because, um, it just depends on what I'm doing when I'm listening to them. So I tend to do both. Um, so keep that in mind, like YouTube, if you choose to go that way, it's just, again, top of the ladder, really easy to repurpose it everywhere else. Um, so that you can kind of give your audience the choice and you may find, and it's just a personal preference. Like just like you have a personal preference of where you like to create content on your audience has a personal preference on where they like to consume. And so you may have somebody who is your ideal audience, ideal client, and yeah, one of those ideal clients might prefer podcasting and another might prefer YouTube. And so if you're on both like covering both of your bases, and now I said, if you, you don't have to be the all three platforms, blogging, podcasting, and YouTube, you don't have to, but if you want to, it's very easy to, you can simplify that process by using zoom to record both audio and video, use Temi, to pull out the transcription and make it into a blog, and then put that on your website.


Whizbang, boom, totally easy lemon squeezy. You have all three out of one piece of content. Okay. All right. The next thing I want to talk about today, I just lost my train of thought. Uh, what was I going to talk about? She, sorry, friends. I didn't have time to write out an outline for today's episode. Oh, now I got it. Um, okay. My YouTube advice, I don't know that much about how YouTube works in the back end you guys, but I can tell you that for somebody like me, who is not very techie, I do know how to take my phone and hit record on a video. Um, and I know how to upload that to YouTube. And if you know how to do that, you can use YouTube. I'm sure it does some fancier things that I don't know how to do, but if you at least know how to do that, you can use YouTube.


The people I recommend using YouTube two are those that have a more visual side to your business. So if you have it product-based business, YouTube is probably a really good place for you to be on, regardless of what that product is. Because if you're ever showing anything about your product, how to use it, what it looks like, what are the different things you can do with it? That's a visual aspect to your brand that you have on YouTube. If you are a fitness coach of any kind, you should be on YouTube because yes, it's an audio component to that is, is okay to have two. But visual is going to be your way to go for that. When you're showing people, you know how to do exercises of any kind, um, if you are a health coach and you teach people how to do meal planning or healthy eating again, YouTube, another, another reason for you to be on there because you have such a visual component to your business.


Now, a life coach, a life coach, you can probably choose. You can be, yeah. Both if you want, but it, you don't have to be on because there may not be a visual piece to your business. So I'm just giving you those examples of somebody who really has a visual side to the business and their brand. You should be on YouTube. Yes. You can still repurpose and include your episodes on your podcast. Even if you're like, well, people aren't really able to do this off of a podcast. Well, that's okay. Because I will take a podcast, um, or YouTube video on my phone and just listen in to the audio with the gym. Like, I'll listen to, like, I've watched, uh, some fitness instructors and some videos enough to know like what they're talking about when I hear the audio. So I can just hit play and there'll be like queuing for squats.


And I know what part they're at in the video. K, just to give you an example, like, cause I know a lot of people out there who have a visual side to their business are like, okay, well I need to be on YouTube and not a podcast. Well, again, if it's easy to do both, you not do both. Give your audience the option of where to listen to you and where to find you. That's my advice. So first be on the platform that you know, you're going to show up consistently on second, be on the platform, your client appreciates you being on, is going to find you on, and listen or watch you. The most third consider being on all of them because it's pretty easy to do. And then you're capturing your audience regardless of where they are. All right. Okay. You guys found that useful.


I get that question a lot as far as what platform to be on. So I hope you guys find that really useful. Um, one reminder, if you guys have not downloaded my format of a website that shows you what to include on your home page and where everything goes, go check out amberglus.com/website, a free download of a really useful guide that shows you what to put, where on your homepage and what to include for a successful homepage. That can be Burt's viewers into customers. Because isn't that what we all want?  All right. You guys, um, will you do me one more favor? I forgot to mention this at the beginning of the episode, um, I have a speak pipe, voicemail, no system on my website. Now, if you haven't seen that yet, if you go to Amberglus.com and you go to my contact page and you scroll down a little bit, you're going to see where you can leave me a message.


Um, so a couple of things I was hoping you would go tell me on SpeakPipe what content you would like to see on this podcast. Like what are you struggling with? What are your challenges when it comes to running for business? And it can be anything. Yeah, it can be marketing-related. It can be copywriting-related. It can be accounting-related. It can be website development-related. Like I don't care what it is because if it's not something I know how to do, or I know anything about, I will find an expert to be on the show that can help provide that information. It is so important to me that this podcast is valuable to you guys. And so I really truly want to know, like what information would you find valuable? What are you challenged with right now in your business that you just wish you had a solution for?


No matter what it is. And I would love to be able to either answer it myself or find an expert who can come on the show and talk to us about it. So would you please go to Amber glass.com, click on my contact page and go to the SpeakPipe message. It's so easy. You just click a button to leave a message that will record it for you. And then it shoots me an email with your message. So I would love it if you would tell me what is your challenge today in your business? Um, and if you leave some information on there about who you are and what your website is, what your business is, I will give you some love on the podcast because I believe in sharing the love. All right, you guys, thanks for joining me today on either the podcast or YouTube. I really appreciate all of my listeners. I hope you have a great week and we'll be back next week. Thanks so much.


Thank you for listening today, friends, and spending a piece of your day with me. If you found this episode valuable, please share it on all things social and tag me @AmberGlus with your thoughts. It would also mean the world to me. If you would leave me a five-star rating and a raving review on iTunes or whatever your favorite podcast listening app is ratings and reviews. Help me to grow the show and get great guests on here for you to get more information on copywriting, creating your message, and marketing it for your business. Follow me on Instagram @AmberGlus or go to my website, amberglus.com. I want this podcast to be packed full of value for you. So please consider sending me a DM and tell me what topics you'd like for me to cover on the show. I answer all of my DMS personally, and I'm happy to share my insights with you or answer questions that might help you with your own business until next time friends go share your unique message with the world.


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