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What’s The Difference Between Copy And Messaging? When And Where To Use Both

Are copy and messaging the same thing? What’s the difference? Today’s episode answers these questions and reviews how copy and messaging are different. We talk about what copy and messaging are, where and when to use them, and how they complement one another in your business.

If you’ve ever felt like your message is “fuzzy” or sense that it may be confusing to your customers, today’s episode will teach you how to use copy appropriately to build a clear message every time. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The difference between copy and messaging
  • How to use copy and messaging effectively
  • How copy and messaging complement one another
  • How to build a clear message for your customers 

Are copy and messaging the same thing?

What’s the difference?

Copy and messaging are similar, but they are not the same thing. The copy you write for your business is what builds your brand message. It’s in your social media, it’s on your website, in your email marketing, and on your blog.

It’s even in the outline and transcript you use for your podcast or YouTube videos.

Your copy builds the message your customers will remember about your business.

If your copy is clear, your message is clear.

Your message is what you want people to remember about your brand. It’s the umbrella above everything else in your business, including your copy. It’s what drives your copy, your marketing, and your programs. 

Your message should answer the overall, what do you do? And so what? What do you do for your customers? 

And so that they can…what?

Your copy is the words underneath that umbrella that you use to build that message. It’s a tool you use to build the message and spread it. 

Your message might be that you create a lifetime of health for senior citizens. Your copy, then, could be a blog post on “Nutrition after 60 And The Impacts It Has On Sleep.”

Or, the copy on your website that talks about HOW you create a lifetime of health for seniors. 

How you tell your customers about your message can happen in many different ways, but all of those ways involve or start from copy. 

Beyond the website copy or a blog post, your copy is in a social media post, or an ad on social media. 

Even a YouTube video that includes a transcription, or started as an outline, starts with copy. 

You can probably see why if your copy isn’t clear, your message isn’t clear. Here are some hacks to keeping your copy clear.

  • Don’t use insider language
  • Stick to one topic at a time
  • Make it about your customer
  • Include these elements: problem, plan to solve it, an action to take, vision of success, avoiding failure

If you use these, your copy will be clear and your message will not be confusing. 

If you’re getting stuck on your copy, it might be because you’re trying to open too many story loops or not making it about your customer.  Always make it about your customer!

If your copy is clear and concise, your message will be clear and concise to your customer and it’s easier for them to remember. 

As A StoryBrand certified marketing guide, I’d love the opportunity to work with you to create your message and give you clear copy that compels your customers to work with you. Schedule a free call to learn more about my copywriting and message-development services.


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