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Is Your Website Losing You Business? How To Make It Simple, Strategic, And Effective

When clients land on your website, do you gain a lead? Or lose the business? If your website isn't converting prospects into leads, it may be because it's too confusing. Your website is an important first stop for a potential customer. They may see you on social media or consume your content somewhere online, but most customers go right to your website to check you out and learn more about you.

If your website is confusing, unclear, or too cluttered with irrelevant information you will lose leads before they become a customer. There are seven elements to a highly converting website that we discuss in today's episode that will make it clear what you do, who you serve, and what customers need to do to work with you.




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How To Write A Sales Page That Sells

Your sales page has to work hard. It should be your most effective sales mechanism. A successful sales page speaks directly to the problems your business solves and clearly explains what life looks like after your customers work with you. Imagine your customer landing on your sales page… are you confident they will buy from you? Use the tools in today’s episode to ensure that when a lead lands on your sales page, they always become a paying customer. We outline the exact structure of how to write a sales page, that actually sells!


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How To Get Your Customer To Pay Attention To Your Copy & Your Message

Do you ever feel like you create content… and then…crickets?? Do you wonder if your message is resonating with anyone? Creating content that resonates with your audience and using copy that they can relate to is key to getting your customers to pay attention. Listen to today’s episode to learn how you can create content that gets, and keeps, your customers interest in your message and has them looking forward to the content you create!


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Using Calls to Action Effectively, and Highly Converting Examples!

You have to ask for the business you want, and you must tell your customers what actions you want them to take. Today’s episode outlines the most effective direct calls to action, explains the difference between direct and indirect calls to action, and gives you a process to use to help you feel like you aren’t always using the same calls to action every time. Using effective calls to action will make your writing more purposeful and won’t leave your customers guessing about how to do business with you.


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