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The Must-Have Elements of a Successful Messaging Framework To Up-level Your Marketing And Copy

Many entrepreneurs today try to give too much information to their customers. When you give your customers too much at one time, they can’t clearly see what problem you solve for them, why it’s relevant, and why they want to do business with you. It shouldn’t feel this hard to create the framework of your message, but if you are including too much it can feel overwhelming and confusing. If you include these essential elements to outline your messaging framework though, you’ll have a clear message that your customers will resonate with every time.

Today’s episode gives you the must-have elements of a successful messaging framework to up-level your marketing and copy to convert more leads to customers.


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Improving Your “I Help Statement” To Stand Out In Any Industry

The “I help statement” has become a buzzphrase in the online business industry. It’s meant to be a short statement that quickly and clearly defines what you do in your niche. In today’s podcast, we talk about how an “I help statement” should also help you stand out in your industry, and make your business memorable to your customers. After all, if your customers don’t remember you, your I help statement isn’t doing you much good. You want your statement to identify you, your business, and your niche, but you also want it to differentiate you and help your customers remember you for the services you offer.

Marketing is an exercise in memorization. If your “I help statement” is...

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Why Copywriting And Content Marketing Is An Indispensable Signature Service

The online business industry is booming, and its growth has created a myriad of opportunities for freelancers, virtual assistants, and online business managers. Having a signature service as a freelancer can help you differentiate yourself in the growing freelancer space, increase your income, and give you more control over a business model that is indispensable in high and low economic times.

Copywriting and content marketing services are at the heart of what online entrepreneurs need. From writing content and website copy to email marketing and advertising, knowing how to write copy and create sales through content is a skill in high demand.

In Today’s episode you will learn:

  • The benefits of copywriting and content marketing...
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How To Use Text Marketing To Generate Leads & Build Relationships In Your Business

If you’ve received a text from a company you do business with or an influencer you follow online, then you’ve experienced text marketing. Among a noisy online world full of algorithms in social media, text marketing is a great way to get your message and marketing in front of your consumers in an unfiltered, direct-to-consumer way. 

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What text marketing is
  • Benefits of using text marketing
  • Examples of how text marketing can be used in your business to generate leads and build relationships with your existing customers
  • What you need to look for when choosing a text marketing platforms
  • The difference between being assigned a phone number or using short, long or vanity codes
  • ...
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What Is The Best Online Platform For Delivering Your Content and Marketing Your Business?

Is one online platform better for your business than another? Do you have to choose just one, or is there an easy way to use all of them? The answer is yes, and in today’s episode, we dive into how to choose the best platform for you, your service, or your product. We cover how to know which platform is right for you and how to use all of them to your benefit to capture more leads and tp strategically place yourself in front of the right customers every time.


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Welcome to The School of Copy and Messaging, a podcast where we help you craft your message and promote it online to build the business as...

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The Top Five Marketing Essentials For A Successful Sales Funnel

Marketing can be overwhelming today and leave you feeling like you're pulled in so many different directions. Should you spend more time on social media? Host a room on Clubhouse? Create a webinar? Build a better sales page? Create more email marketing? It's exhausting, I know, but if you have these five essentials in your marketing, you're off to a great start. Keeping it simple can sometimes feel too easy but in an online world that has us inundated with marketing messages, these five essential pieces will keep your marketing engine running smoothly for your business. Everything else can be added when this foundation has been set to help you build clear and consistent marketing.

These five foundational elements will create a simple...

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How To Create A Stellar Lead Magnet

Building your email list is the most important activity you can spend your time on. In today’s online business world, getting someone’s email address is the equivalent of a customer handing you a $20 dollar bill! Consumers have become much more personal about their email and to get them to give you their sacred address, you must give them value in exchange.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Tips for creating a consumer-friendly lead magnet
  • What type of information you can share in a valuable lead magnet
  • Ideas for where to market your lead magnet
  • A resource for getting your lead magnet on Amazon
  • Creating a landing page for your lead magnet to make it easy to share
  • Where to share your lead magnet

Grab a pen and...

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Is Your Website Losing You Business? How To Make It Simple, Strategic, And Effective

When clients land on your website, do you gain a lead? Or lose the business? If your website isn't converting prospects into leads, it may be because it's too confusing. Your website is an important first stop for a potential customer. They may see you on social media or consume your content somewhere online, but most customers go right to your website to check you out and learn more about you.

If your website is confusing, unclear, or too cluttered with irrelevant information you will lose leads before they become a customer. There are seven elements to a highly converting website that we discuss in today's episode that will make it clear what you do, who you serve, and what customers need to do to work with you.




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How To Write Better Content- Interview With Nikhil From Topic

Creating relevant content just got easier! Nikhil Aitharaju, the co-creator of Topic, joins me on today's show to discuss how Topic helps you create relevant content that goes deep with additional subtopics that get you found on Google. Talk about a game-changer! Nik also gives excellent advice for online businesses looking to up their game in establishing their authority in their industry. He teaches us how to use backlinks for more prominent SEO positioning and how you can level-up your research for content and interviews. Nik was so generous to share such great information!


Resources From Today's Show:

Get 50% off your Topic membership: https://linktr.ee/amberglus

Follow Nikhil at https://www.instagram.com/nikhil.aitharaju/...

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How To Use Content To Build An Effective Sales Funnel

Do you need a process for creating content and turning it into a sales funnel? Yes. Yes, you do! Creating content is hard, but with a process that helps you create relevant content for your audience and repurpose it to help you build a funnel of customers, it can be a lot easier. The content you create can help you establish your authority in your industry, grow trust with your audience, and shorten your sales cycle when it’s time for a customer to buy. Today’s episode gives you a few tactics to do for homework that will get you started with what content to create. We’ll continue with this series over the next few weeks to show you what to do next and give you some resources that will make content creation...

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