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Using Instagram To Grow Your Business Without Losing Your Sanity! with Camie Wilke

Instagram is an amazing tool and the reach you can get to grow your business and community can be tremendous. It can also be exhausting. Do you feel that way? I do. So, I sought out someone who we can learn from to use Instagram for the effective tool it can be, but who I thought could help us do this in a way that wouldn’t make us feel like we had to spend all of our time on the platform and go insane with keeping it up. Sound good? If you’re nodding your head, you’ll love today’s guest as much as I did. Camie Wilke is a faith-based business coach who teaches women how to generate a full-time income from home on Instagram using online coaching and courses. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • ...
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The Secret To Building A Rockstar Freelancer Portfolio

Hey Freelancer! Today’s episode covers a critical topic, your portfolio! There are five sections a portfolio needs to have to make it stand out from the crowd and showcase your talent. Having a portfolio is essential to any freelancing, virtual assistant, or work-from-home career, especially for copywriters.

If you are new to copywriting and you're adding this as a signature service to your VA or freelancer business, this episode will help you create a portfolio from scratch in no time, even without a ton of experience.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The five sections you should include in your portfolio
  • Different types of platforms to use to create and present your portfolio
  • Two hacks that will make your portfolio...
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What’s The Difference Between Copy And Messaging? When And Where To Use Both

Are copy and messaging the same thing? What’s the difference? Today’s episode answers these questions and reviews how copy and messaging are different. We talk about what copy and messaging are, where and when to use them, and how they complement one another in your business.

If you’ve ever felt like your message is “fuzzy” or sense that it may be confusing to your customers, today’s episode will teach you how to use copy appropriately to build a clear message every time. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The difference between copy and messaging
  • How to use copy and messaging effectively
  • How copy and messaging complement one another
  • How to build a clear message for your customers...
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How To “Keep It All Together” As A Busy Entrepreneur With Marla Beech

Prioritizing yourself, running a business and the demands of everyday life are tricky to balance. This is especially true when overwhelm has caused you to lose sight of yourself, what you want, and where you’re going. Marla Beech, owner of Hunkeedori and the host of the Overburdened No More Podcast is on the show today to walk us through her signature process that will help you get back to you, what you want, and help you create priorities and processes that will help you, “keep it all together.”

In today’s show you will learn:

  • How to identify what you really want
  • How to prioritize yourself and work toward what you want effectively
  • How to take care of everyone in your life (yourself included) without feeling...
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