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The Secret To Building A Rockstar Freelancer Portfolio

Hey Freelancer! Today’s episode covers a critical topic, your portfolio! There are five sections a portfolio needs to have to make it stand out from the crowd and showcase your talent. Having a portfolio is essential to any freelancing, virtual assistant, or work-from-home career, especially for copywriters.

If you are new to copywriting and you're adding this as a signature service to your VA or freelancer business, this episode will help you create a portfolio from scratch in no time, even without a ton of experience.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • The five sections you should include in your portfolio
  • Different types of platforms to use to create and present your portfolio
  • Two hacks that will make your portfolio...
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Remove Self-Doubt And Promote Your Message With Confidence With Karen Laos

If you’ve ever found yourself afraid to speak up, or unsure how to use your voice and stand up for yourself, you’ll know how after today’s episode! My guest today is Karen Laos. Karen is a keynote speaker and communication coach who equips women to stand out with confidence. She helps women channel their fear and quiet their self-doubt. Karen champions female business leaders to own their value and find their voice to be seen and heard. Karen’s style is fun, encouraging, and results-oriented. She immediately moves past the “fluff” and gets straight to the issues at hand.

Karen’s advice in this episode about how to use your voice, be heard, and create better communication habits was like going to...

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A Tactical Step to Finding Your Passion

As entrepreneurs, it can be especially difficult running a business and juggling multiple passions you want to pursue, in addition to keeping up with the daily grind. Finding your passion is a hot topic and it seems like everywhere you turn someone has a solution, a checklist, e-book, or class you can take on finding your passion. I've done many of them and learned a lot, but there is one thing that really helped me gain traction in finding my passion that I want to share with you. I hope it helps you in the pursuit of your passion or passions as much as it helped me!


Full Audio Transcription of this Podcast Episode:

Welcome to a bonus episode today at the school of copy and messaging. Thanks for tuning in. I have just a...

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