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Why Copywriting And Content Marketing Is An Indispensable Signature Service

The online business industry is booming, and its growth has created a myriad of opportunities for freelancers, virtual assistants, and online business managers. Having a signature service as a freelancer can help you differentiate yourself in the growing freelancer space, increase your income, and give you more control over a business model that is indispensable in high and low economic times.

Copywriting and content marketing services are at the heart of what online entrepreneurs need. From writing content and website copy to email marketing and advertising, knowing how to write copy and create sales through content is a skill in high demand.

In Today’s episode you will learn:

  • The benefits of copywriting and content marketing...
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How To Get Your Customer To Pay Attention To Your Copy & Your Message

Do you ever feel like you create content… and then…crickets?? Do you wonder if your message is resonating with anyone? Creating content that resonates with your audience and using copy that they can relate to is key to getting your customers to pay attention. Listen to today’s episode to learn how you can create content that gets, and keeps, your customers interest in your message and has them looking forward to the content you create!


Show Notes:

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Tips for Writing Effective Headlines, Ad Copy & Email Subject Lines That Convert

The headlines you use in ad copy, email subject lines, social media posts…they determine if your customer can quickly decipher if your content is important enough to them to keep reading. Your headlines must speak directly to your customer and tell them why your content matters to them, what the outcome is for them, or how it helps them. In the saturated, online, information-heavy world your customers interact in, the headlines you use need to be to the point and directly related to value-driven content for your audience. You only have a few seconds on a post, an email, ad copy, a blog, or a video for your customer to decide if they stay engaged with your content. A highly effective headline will help you keep your...

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Are You Tired of Social Media Management? This High-Demand, Signature Service Can Set You Free!

 Are you tired of social media management? Are you getting burnt out on this being the main service that you offer and feeling like EVERYONE is doing it? There’s a better way. You can offer this high-demand, signature service that will not only get you out of the social media management trap, or give you a much-needed break, but this service can help you increase your prices and stand out in a saturated market to grow your business. Become a specialist who can work from anywhere and charge premium prices by adding this service to your repertoire!


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What is Copy? Why it Matters and Five Steps for Selling in Your Copy

Copywriting is in almost every aspect of your business and writing great copy can help you convert readers, into paying customers. Copywriting for businesses, if done correctly, can help you build a community of customers and loyalty to your brand. Great copy conveys emotion, action, and understanding. In this episode, you learn why it's important for you and five tips for writing that can help you sell your products or services.

Show Notes:

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Full Podcast Episode:

What is copywriting? Why do you need it? Copywriting is the content that’s written for advertising, information, publishing, marketing, and promoting someone, something, or some service...

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