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Check out the podcast where I give you weekly content that helps you create a clear brand message that tells your story well, grows your business, and compels your customer to do business with you. We’ll chat over coffee with a dose of friendship and motivation along the way. Grab that laptop or pen, it’s copy time!

Creating Your Brand Message Shouldn't Feel This Hard

Friend, did you start your online business seeking time and financial freedom, only to find yourself struggling to keep your head above water creating content? Or do you find yourself staring at a blank screen while trying to write copy? Do you feel stressed over writing a sales page that actually converts? Or confused about how to write emails that get opened or a lead magnet that gets downloaded?

Did your eyes just glaze over? Don’t worry. I’m Amber, and I created The School of Copy and Messaging Podcast so that you, as a busy online entrepreneur or freelancer, can have all of the answers in one easy place. 

Share Your Unique Message With The World

You deserve a clear brand message that tells your story well and compels your customers to buy. On this show, you’ll find all of the resources you need to sell with your words without being “salesy,” and use content to build your authority and create a natural sales funnel.

If you’re a VA, OBM, or DOO, or a work-from-home enthusiast, learning these tactics will not only benefit your own business but give you a framework you can use to elevate your signature service in your freelancer biz.

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Five Essentials For A Successful Website

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the copy on their website. They don't know how to explain their services, which makes their website ineffective.

This guide outlines the five essentials you need on your website with prompts to explain your services clearly, so your website is an asset that grows your business. 

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